The rattling of dropped items on Himfjäll


Since the devs chose to remove the ability to put items back in loot containers/downed machines/etc. the player has to drop unwanted items on the ground. Before the Landfall update dropped items used to produce rattling noises when they were in the back of the player. This seems to be fixed for the main island. Unfortunately on Himfjäll dropped items still produce rattling noises. This annoying sound bug was the reason I tended to put items back into loot containers. Since this cannot be done anymore the rattling on Himfjäll becomes really annoying.

Steps To Reproduce:
Fast travel to Himfjäll.
Drop item from inventory on the ground.
Move away a bit and listen to the dropped item in the back of the player.

Host or Client:
Both == solo

Players in your game:
Only Mathilde.

R5 2600, 16GB RAM, GTX 1080, Game on PCIe NVMe SSD, Win10 64bit

Tbh. I’m really curios how this can be fixed only partially. In my mind a bug has a functional flaw as it’s source. Removing this flaw should remove the bug globally.


Not fixed everywhere on the island. Dropped items rattles when around 10 meters away and walking towards the item stops the noise. I honestly thought it was something new in the game like a hiding Gnome or maybe a tick since I didn’t notice this rattle until Landfall update.

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