The russian dlc delay and what's the real reason

what’s the the real reason for the russian dlc delay, when the russian robots showed up in a update things were fine with russia in the real world events & putin etc, then things took a turn in the real world, with russia, putin, etc, just a thought, covid didn’t help either

They no longer have hardware or troops to send to Sweden :sunglasses:

Most Russian stuff in games besides COD3 has been a bit low, due to the fact only fools and greedy people want anything to do with russian culture and ideas, which are fascists and murderers and other things and truths the forum Rules do not allow to say.
(Euro truck simulator Russian DLC has also been delayed forever as an example)

Many devs and brands dont want to be associated with them, which are now at the level of terrorist organizations or even worst considering the High civilian deaths and mistreat of POWS.

Hello :slight_smile: The war is not the reason why there’s no full-fledged story DLC on the soviet machines. We simply have other things in mind with the direction we want to take GZ into right now :slight_smile: