The Russians are Here!

The upside:
So the new machines are AWESOME!!!
They bring new challenge and have a squad tank relationship which gives a sense of tactics.
Some of the weapons are new, with three round burst fire, popping mini rockets or duel flamers.

The wolf class is a nice multi purpose jack of all trades, Its missles are fast deadly accurate along with its terrifying mini gun!

And they come in three variations with different equipment.

The Downside:
BUT! I was hoping to also see some canons, maybe a good 100mm gun instead of more rockets, or a howitzer on the wolf. Something with big impact long range and heavy hitting. Even a directed sound blast would be cool, For wide close range. 30mm auto cannon even.

The mines could look different, tho the lazers are a good touch.

What are your thougts?

Just finished playing in the Farmland region and when I spawned onto the map, gun fire, rocket burst everywhere. A real battle was going on. A Wolf was taking on a FNIX tank at close range.

And that was just the start of the game. I was able to get just behind some of the Lynx. I started taking out the lynx and the Wolf, finished with the tank. As the sound of the tank dying faded, another nearby battle could be heard. 4 tanks and two wolf in full combat. Then a harvester joined. I had two wolf that were rivals too. I spent 30 minutes just shooting at tanks, harvesters, wolf and the lynx. I was getting to fat to move! What a blast!

The Soviet machines are easy to take down but in numbers they wear you down and hard to dodge all the gun fire. Unlike the normal machines the soviet machine non-stop shooting. Hope that doesn’t change!!

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