The Scope for the Carl Gustaf


Could you provide a little more info about this? Like the name of the scope (if it has one) or what magnification it has?

I guess he is referring to that:

The weapon is fitted with iron sights, but is normally aimed with the attached 3× optical sight with a 17 degree (300 mil) field of view.


Yep that is exactly what I’m referring to

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Good to know! For future reference when making a suggestion like this it’s more helpful to have links and details about the feature/item you want to be added! It helps a lot when it comes to researching them!


I think it is important to point out that the 84mm would not have to be limited to just that one specific optical sight. It would not have been difficult, even at the time(1989~1990), to modify the weapon to accept a wide variety of different optical sights.

In fact, that is exactly what eventually happened in reality. Current versions are quite flexible in what they can fit, with zeroing of the scope/sight then being just down to adjustment… If someone goes looking for pictures, that one 3x scope is what will be seen most common in regards to optics, but it isn’t the only option.

The 2x RDS currently in the game would be one possible solution. Modified versions of the 1-4x rifle scope, the shotgun scope, or the handgun scope would be other possibilities. Just putting out options that might be readily available, that may require less work for the devs.

Sure, of course are there options to easily add a scope to it. But I assume that it’s intended to not have a scope on it. Just to have it on the soviet RPG.

It’s a design descition.

Like the AI-76 not having a scope for longer ranges and the AG4 not having a three-round-burst mode.

It’s somehow funny.
On the one hand most here always want more special and unique guns, but on the other hand they want all guns of the same type/class to be equal to the others but just with some different values for damage… :roll_eyes:

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