The Silence is literaly killing me


Pliss, the forum is dead, the gen zero official yt channel is dead and their homepage got nothing. It would be nice if the community could get something a little bit new. I mean, at least something is nice but this is getting unnerving. We have heard nothing in a very long time now.

gl från Svea Rike


We’re quite active and chatting away on the discord if you’d like to join in there? :thinking:


Im already on it but thx. I just feel that we are goind nowhere at the moment…


Well, the devs are busy polishing the game and stuff like that since we’re getting closer and closer to release. But I know what ya mean and I feel ya.


Developers having the first ps4 live stream this week. Anybody know what day?


Bit late response by me here, apologies but streams are always on Wednesdays for now :slight_smile: