The Standoff Part 2


I get up. All of the surviving runners have quickly vanished into the depths of the bunker. I get up and look around. I pick up my AG 5 but it is ruined. I set it by a dead solder and switch weapons with his bloody AG 4. I just flip off the safety when I hear a low, deathly howl enter the room. I creak my head up slowly and see a bloodied, FNIX hunter blade.

                                  Chapter 3

The hunter takes one step, another, and another until it is standing right in front of me. My mind is telling me to assault it, but every one of my muscles are stuck solid. I slowly inch by inch pull out my Swedish pocket knife. There is no way this is going to work. I unwinched the knife bit by bit. Come on I’ve worked on these things. And then, with all of my might I stood up and jammed the knife into the machine’s vision module. The robot paused, and seemed as if it glared at me for a second. Sparks flew, then the machine crumpled to the ground. I picked up my rifle, and continued up to the outside, knowing that mankind has been defeated.

                                  Chapter 4

What seemed like thousands of years for a child might seem like a few seconds for an adult. I kept limping onward, dragging on my limp, hopeless body to what seem like a void of forest. I just kept going, going, going. I almost collapsed with happiness when I reached the edge. But what edge was this? I was just about to inspect further but what stopped me was a gasp of realization. It was the bridge. Wrecked frames of metal runners and hunters were spread about like sprinkles on a lone cupcake. I limped over to take a closer look at the carnage. There were four men, sprinkled about. But one was the most interesting. I limped over, so I could see what was in his hand. It was a remote detonator, but the most interesting thing was how he had a bloody grin on his face and a stab going through his chest. I bent over and ripped of his dog tag. Erickson. Hmm. I was just about to head over to the other crippled bodies when I heard a snap of a twig in the forest. I thought it was just a wolf or some other creature looming in the woods, so I turned away. But when I looked back a hunter peered at me from the woods, stalking from behind. I turned away, knowing my fate. The bridge was crippled, and I was almost out of ammo. I spat blood on the ground, and continued walking. Once I reached the edge, I turned to face it. The hunter charged forth with all of it’s speed. I put off a couple potshots, but none hit home. I threw down my weapon and charged at the thing with all of my strength I had left. When I hit it the robot instantly dominated my life force and threw me off the edge. But with my dying luck I twirled in the air and hit the other edge. Instinct took over, and commanded me to grip the edge. I tried to pull myself up, but my wound wouldn’t let me. I tried again, gritted my teeth and got up an arm. I tried again and got one limb and the next up. Soon I was up and standing again and ran off to the nearest building, a farm house. I ran inside, and locked the door behind me. I went upstairs and collapsed on the floor. I laid down and let the impending darkness enclose itself around me.

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Thanks to WeWereHere who gave me the idea to combine our stories!

Last Call For Feedback and Requests!

A really interesting story. I like it. The idea of linking novels together, using common characters or episodes, was much used by Balzac in the 19th century.

I apologize I am not quite fluent in English (actually it is the third language learnt in my life) and I have understood that your narrator was dead, ripped, at the end of the first volume. Or did he just feel being ripped?


I would kind of say that he was feeling both. In the first part he was nailed in the chest by a slug. And then at the end of part 2 he was bleeding out and feeling defeated.


I see. If I dare suggest anything for the vol.3, it would be a female character healing your fighter in some sightseeing safehouse, like the Brevikens Camp. (Attention : the tents are too low and sometimes a character could get trapped :smiley:, see bug reports)