The State of Generation Zero

Thanks for your answer but you can set up a very rough plan like:

  • We want to add a new machine type to the game (maybe what direction, like a more agile one, or a flying one)
  • We want to give more love the the mainland
  • We want to make another DLC for the next island
  • We certainly don’t want to add cars

And don’t put a date on something. And if you would see that you would rather invest your time in a second machine type and not into a Island DLC than you can just tell us this and I’m sure nobody would blame you to not deliver.

Regarding the traps. I watched Tenebris video too and for me it was just: Throw everything you have on the ground and place it with a little bit distance to increase the area of effect.
The problem is that the radios only work for Runners and Hunters and for that purpose the explosives we have are also ok.
But Tanks don’t move very predictable and radios make them sprint in some direction for a few seconds but not to the spot you set your trap. And even if, the explosives we have are way too weak to kill a tank, not even the big fuel cells do mutch. Harvesters are way to slow to attract with the current features we have and have an unlimited supply of Hunters. You would have to set a trap that is able to kill it to justifie the time it takes to set it. Maybe not a radio is not the right think to attract them but something the harvesters scan and want to harvest.
To sum up, the game is currently just not meant to set traps for big guys and ammount of damage you can deal with the same weight of .50 cal ammo is probably 100 times higher than with explosives.
I dont want to start with Hacking skills.

That would be awesome. I suggest, give yourself enough time. From a developers perspective myself I know that I want to finish a thing rather sooner then later but my boss always insists to give me more time to finish things (+50%). So I always have a certain buffer if somethings goes awry or a sudden hurdle appears.

Ofc we thought of this, but its more complicated and political than you think. We tried to address this by showing of some future weapons in the Dev letters and will continue to look at how we can share more of the future in a way that everyone is comfortable with. Still, great feedback!

Any special challenge you want to see?

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Any of the higher levels of “numbing expert” or any of the levels of “music soothes the soul”? The later might be more informative for the community, since there is talk about that quest being broken… So if you can show that it works… :wink:

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I picked up my fourth copy of GZ today (this time on PS4) so I can start again without sacrificing my progress and I can’t believe how much easier it is from the way I played it back just after launch.

Especially if you buy the DLC. Soon as you get to Ibholomen church you get 3c Soviet & US weapons plus all attachments.

Giving these to new players this early seems off, but I grant that there’ll be people who would want (or expect) gold right off the bat having paid £2.50.

I think maybe making them 1c rather than 3c might have been better or maybe tied to player level; lvl 1-6 get 1c, 7-12 get 2c, 13-18 get 3c, 19-24 get 4c and 25+ get 5c.

Maybe at least a message, warning players that maybe they’d be better saving these guns until later if they’re below a certain level?

Although I can’t see many people resisting the urge to try out the 3c guns over the 1c PP or old Bettan. :wink:


When the US weapons DLC was released there was quite a discussion about turning GZ into “pay to win” (Generation Zero 2020 content review by JoJo). And I definitively agree that giving the player this powerful weapons early on makes the game even on Guerilla pretty easy, at least in the Archipelage region.

Until the player finds better vanilla weapons (most of the vanilla weapons are equal or better then those in the DLC anyway) the DLC weapons might be the go to weapons. I tried it myself for a quick session on Adventurer and dang you can rush through Archipelago like no tomorrow with those 3* weapons.

This is why I usually scrap them directly on site to not spoil my playthrough. GZ was about challenge but with the 3* weapons in the church of Iboholmen I feel this is gone.

P.S.: I scrap the good old Bettan too :joy:


I’m the same. When the US weapons launched, even with 4x lvl 31 chars I disposed of the 3c versions and attachments and only used the ones I looted.

Even if it did take ~200 hrs for me to finally complete my collection, with that 5c N16 proving near mythical to actually find at launch.


When it comes to weapons DLCs, i’d prefer nothing dumped into my Plundra. Instead getting them into the loot pool is sufficient enough. This gives me the joy of finding them. :slight_smile:

Though, even better would be, where you have few side missions to do, where you get the weapons. Like i described how US weapons could be gained, in here: Let's talk about weapon packs - #7 by Aesyle
This ties the weapons into the lore as well.


Thanks you so much Pontus! Means a lot to me, I sure value the feedback from devs highly!

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Or maybe have them spawn at appropriate locations in the game world, for example the soviet weapons could lie around in soviet themed set pieces.


Well done, Pontus. It was a great video, and the DEVs need to hear it. There’s always been a battle between the “Immersives” (like me and Aesyle) and the “Shoot-em-ups” (like Tene). We do wonder if there’s anyone in the DEV team on our side? In the Avalanche team meetings, is there anyone who is hotly arguing our side?


You say this like I’m voting against you in some way. So to check you on this, I’d be very happy to see more immersive features brought to the game. Just because I play the game a certain way doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like to see certain things looked at.
But, I’m fine letting the team do their thing and just be happy with the game I enjoy.


Bless you Tene, I wasn’t criticising! I don’t criticise my friends, I was just giving you as the example that everyone would recognise, just as Aesyle is the perfect example of the Immersives. We have the debate out here - what I want to know is whether the debate still exists in DEV-land.

BTW, you have seen my video, haven’t you? :sunglasses: And taken on board my inside-the-base challenge? You were telling me to get on and make a video 18 months ago, and I finally did it. So I hope you “liked” it! I shall make some more, now, so best subscribe, eh? :smile:

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Inside the base is the way forward.

There’s no point building a base to run around it.

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Hmm, not necessarily. :cowboy_hat_face:
I think running around the base, which is primarily there to protect the command center, is also a valid strategy. Especially if the base is as small as can be, so you can get to the attackers quickly. :crazy_face:

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You’re a youtuber in the making my dude! And honestly im amazed it finally happened, keep an eye out for a comment from me when i have the chance to give it a watch.

but see this here;

there is no debate man, again i’d 1000% love to see immersive things come to the game if thats what the devs chose to focus on, but for now the focus is clearly 1; fix up the map 2; add beneficial content through story updates, content drops etc 3; optimize and fix bugs.
There is no question at all that the team would love to do immersive things too, but currently in terms of this as a product its just not the best call yet man. But there will be a day when it is!
(ofc again this is just my 2c and my observations, not fact but i’d say im not far off the mark)

Gunna have to agree with you here :smiley: Why have a 20 minute wave defence when it can be done in 8. Sure maybe fun for once or twice depending on the base build, but definitely not meta. :sunglasses:

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I liked the base building part for a while. I have built my third base, but don’t do any wave defence any more. Mostly because there is nothing to gain, but enjoyment. :partying_face: And I do not necessary like combat that much. I am more a story- and explorer guy. Love sneaky gameplay.


The community is growing. In time we will reveal ourselves lol

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'Cos it’s a challenge! Design a base you can defend from inside - different mind-set. We know you can run round fields, and so can we, but can you design a base and defend it from inside? We have yet to find out… :grin:

You can watch my video for some tips if you’re nervous! :crazy_face:

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