The story of Landfall

So for those that has collected all the Soviet Dolls collectable and reed them would know that all is not as it seemed.

So I propose that this is where we can discuss the information we just received and where the story of GZ might be leading

The dolls give some explanation and answers to questions we’ve had, but also gives more to ask
It introduces new info both about the soviet machines and people that we might be seeing or hearing about in the future

Trough the messages in the Matryoshka dolls we get introduced to Captain Tatiana Tereshkova and Captain Bolshakov from the Soviet military

HEAVY spoilers ahead

I’ll just quickly go over the most important info we receive from the dolls

  • The Soviet machines were operational more than a year prior as noted in Doll 3

This is very interesting info since Sweden isn’t entirely unique in the development of combat machines
Could America or other powers also be developing Machines?
How did the Soviet create the machines?

Through the messages it’s noted that there are agents in the Swedish military that has been in contact with the Soviet. This could potentially mean that part of the Machine program was leaked to the soviet.

  • Doll 3 also explains the presence of Soviet forces in the northern farmlands specifically mentioning a town that is strategically located at a river, and also that they could try to establish contact with local survivors and assist them if they needed it.

This would hint at the town of Boo, where everyone who has visited there recently knows that they did establish contact with local survivors but they offered no assistance to them.

Throughout the messages it’s noted that Captain Bolshakov changes in behavior due to unknown circumstances, something that eventually makes him betray Captain Tatiana’s men and reprogram the Soviet Machines.

Tatiana and Bolshakov confront each other at Underground Station C where Tatiana Tereshkova gets shot in the leg by Bolshakov and Bolshakov leaves on a train with his men, intending to, in some way, take control over FNIX. When we arrive there we find the tunnel collapsed, something that begs the question how did it collapse? did someone blow it up?

  • In doll 9 Tatiana now wounded manages to make contact with FNIX and FNIX helps her to get in contact with someone she knows in the Union, someone who would only be contacted for a specific purpose. “The last resort.” Tatiana tells her contact to “send it” and later notes about the appearance of a mushroom cloud
  • Doll 10 notes that FNIX saved Tatiana by giving her a robotic leg. It also noted that she could see the crater from where she was.

The location of the final doll is in the southern Marshland Region, somewhere that overlooks the farmlands Region.
This would imply that the crater in the farmlands near Skinnarbol was made by the Soviet Union in an effort to stop Bolshakov

So then I wonder what happened or will happen to Bolshakov and Tatiana
What was located where the Farmlands crater is.


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