The Story that Changes Everything!

I have an idea for a story that would work for a DLC, however I think it would be something close to an “end game” scenario. In other words, while the player could keep playing the game afterwards, it would definitely change everything as to how they see it now! LOL!

I really don’t want to share this though with just anybody as if it’s used, I want it to catch the players by surprise. If someone wants to reach out to me, I would be able to send it! While I don’t want to think of myself as some amazing writer, I have to say, when I thought of this, I’m wondering if this was where things were already going or if no one else has noticed it yet!

I hope someone will reach out to me, because I think you’ll love it!
(Keep in mind - its just a rough draft - it’s not fully ready for what you guys could do with it and that’s why I want to present it and let the dev’s and the individuals behind it all see what they think!)

So please let me know if you’re interested at all! :blush::pray: