The things that need to be fix

1 Played the new update for a day now first off fix the bugs multiplayer robots flying off to space or falling through the ground

2 Players sometimes falling through the map on multiplayer

3 People not be able to use guns thanks to the new system most have to restart the game to fix this problem

4 Able to see attachments that are attach to guns you use what i mean is i don’t wanna see my attachments that are attach to my guns in my inventory if it’s on a gun it should not be seen in the inventory

5 When picking everything up with e you still in the looting box should be close when there is nothing left to loot

6 Wish to point at items and not click on them then press e or pres on witch items you want to take and witch you don’t want to take like looting system before

7 Should be a easy way to change ammo type on guns like press t to switch between the other ammo type

8 Hard mode feels like all armor skill upgrade are useless

9 Backpack skill you know what i mean

10 Where can we get schematics

11 If you want hard mode be play able please let there be good loot on them i mean getting same loot on a 4 fire tank on easy mode same as on hard mode is kinda bs . thank you for reading

12 on hotel top floor on the massage room the floor is bug you’ll see when you try to go in to it


I don’t think that number 4 is a bug :slight_smile: