The Tick is already here!


When I saw the Tick for the first time it reminded me of my MEKAMON
The Tick also reminds of that Dobermann dog from 7 days to die, I couldn’t hit that thing either.
I tend to run when I see them :scream:


And much like the dogs in 7 Days to Die, the ticks have caused me to rage quit and uninstall. :slight_smile:


Lol. I’m glad it’s not just me then. When they start jumping at me I tend to go into panic and fumble mode with all of the controller buttons, and ultimately end up running away.

All in all I’m starting to think I’d be utterly useless if we had a proper robo-pocalypse.


Hi Svalbaard, If a tick jumps, just turn 180 degree, it is there, close to you and waiting. Relax, you have just taken a small amount of damage. Still you have enough of time to aim and to kill it. The birdshot is the best, buckshot works well and the smg as well. One tick is nothing, they are dangerous in swarms. You are always prevented by their sound and a red flare makes them visible from a good distance. Good hunt.


I’m just one of those people that panics before thinking, i’m Used to them now, But they still get me every now and again.
All the best!