The totally unrealistic flechette fnix hunter attack


Tbh. those hunters really pissing me off. I liked the attack when the game was fresh and came out. It was an aoe attack and if you stood still you got killed, but now its really worse and not really funny anymore. I know you lowered it down already, because it was even worse before. But having those fnix hunters always using those flechette guns now and in 80% of the time they always hit you its no fun anymore. You really need to scale it down or remove that attack all together and exchange it with something else.

Its no fun and those hunters are even worse then fnix tanks ingame right now and they always drop a few rounds of .44 ammo or shotgun shells.

I am not saying that they are hard. They are easy prey too. But it always gets me really angry, when I get a stupid hit and then it explodes and I get thrown over the landscape and all that pain for just a few .44 ammo rounds. No thanks.

Really we need some more different types of fnix tanks or make that flechette gun a real area gun again and not some “haha I will you hit you anyways and I know that will piss you off” attack.


You can’t take on flechette Hunters in the open - it is foolish to try. The best you can do is run away, dropping mines behind you, stop, fire for a few seconds and then run some more until you can lose them or find a building to fight from. And you don’t take on FNIX Hunters for loot (that would be military hunters and FNIX Tanks) you take on Hunters to survive. Oh, and it’s not supposed to be “fun” taking on 12 FNIX Hunters it is supposed to be panic-stricken terror, until you have escaped or survived, and then it’s fun, retrospectively, as it were…


I have to agree, they are the only enemy that really gives me trouble and large groups without buildings as cover it`s a fight for survival :sweat_smile:


I destroyed 6984 machines so far, 1198 hunters. I think I’ve used any possible tactic ingame against them and I am not wasting mines on them, cause they do gimped damage compared of how much they fill up your inventory space. Its much faster to just waste your granatgevar ammo on them or take them out with an al76. Hiding in a house isnt always an option. Well you could run and ignore them, but it would be much more enjoyable if they would use different kinds of even hard hitting guns, instead of a broken flachette attack. Hell you can even destroy them with your pistol. Btw. hiding inside a house feels like cheating and I am not talking about killing 12 hunters at once, I am talking about the usual group of hunters you find walking around.

Btw. even a group of 12 of them are easy to kill when you play in a team of 2 and having one person getting aggro and playing the scared chicken, while the other person just takes out one after another of those hunters. I am talking about solo play and getting hitted with a sticky explosive flechette dart all the time.


You could just chuck a flare or fireworks at them, that distracts them long enough - if you don’t shoot them anyway, to get some distance or find cover.

I avoid fights in the open and when caught out, which to me, rarely happens, use the flares/fireworks.
Carry 2 stacks of fireworks and 2 stacks of both normal and sticky flares maximum and you’re good to go. You can find plenty of them in the world.


Again its not about hunters at all. Its about that broken flechette attack they are using and if you decide to run then you just can run, you are faster anyways.


The flechette weapons used to be pretty well-balanced, as I recall. Then somewhere along the way (August Update?) they increased the damage and accuracy, and made them extraordinarily deadly. The October Update nerfed the damage a fair bit, and widened the spread again.

Though nowadays you often take a few hits every time, and its hard to avoid even if you’re behind cover. When facing groups of FNIX Hunters, I always find cover first. They do need to be more area-of-effect weapons, though I suppose it can be a difficult thing to balance.


Yes it was pretty well-balanced, so I dont understand why the devs decided to change it. Make it back to the way it was is all I am asking.

Now they could work on new content, but instead they change things and “break” the game :wink:


I really don’t have much of a problem with them.

As said: I never fight them in the open - and if I must, I run away for cover.
Fighting from within or around cover makes it trivial. I shoot the flechettegun off whenever possible and the occasional hit that comes in… yeah it is annoying but not seemingly “broken” if you’d ask me.

They can fire quite fast though, that is for sure.

Way more annoying are tanks blasting away from a distance with their .50cals and pinpoint accuracy though small openings… That is my small pet-peeve. However, it’s offtopic, so I won’t go into that any further.


Thats cause the devs changed it. That weapon was ment to be a close combat weapon and now its an insanely long range, hard hitting destroyer gun :wink: Its like the flechette weapon :wink:


i believe im at 12,000+ kills, i always try and bait everything to a place with some kind of cover, trees, rocks even bushes are good. just cant stay in one spot and not expect hell to swarm you. js


Peeve? A .50 cal is good for two klicks, and is the Tank’s main weapon. We don’t need any “bunny” tanks - we need difficult and bitchy…


If you obtaine the skill for the movement speed and upgrade it to level 2 flecete rounds become much easier to avoid .


I have not had this experience. As long as you circle them and keep moving, they miss with the flechette rounds. They always hit behind you.

But you have to be running. If you are aiming down the scope or standing still, they will hit, guaranteed.

That is how it should be, though. They are machines. They should have no problem hitting a slow moving or stationary target. Even a faster target should be in jeopardy.


They arent 100% machines :wink: I dont remember the story fully explaining how they work yet. But basicly its human brains now controlling those machines (they used apes before - also there must be an hidden bunker somewhere where those harvesters took all humans to “harvest” the brain “cpu”). And thats also the reason why those radio controll stations are everywhere (cause those machines need to stay “connected”).


i wish the experimental shotgun flechettes worked as well as the hunters.


I think FNIX hunter are just fine now. Makes them dangerous opponents. Those fletcettes has blast radius, and it goes trough all obstacles. So when see these red lights, step away for second.


The flechette attack is fine. Other people have told you how to deal with them, but again - fireworks, flares, or medium range circle strafing all work wonders. Hunters punish you for not using the tools at your disposal. I would agree that the knock-down mechanic is obnoxious, but even then it’s not particularly deadly, since it gives you i-frames to get up with.

The machines are machines. The apes and other animals were used in experiments to hook brains, period, up to neural networks. There is only one brain connected to the machine network, and it isn’t driving individual combat actions.


Aeoleone you are a real funny guy btw.


Hmm, they are pretty damn easy to dodge. Fairly easy to judge the timing as well. Just strafe they will miss put shots in them then strafe again, wait till they fire unleash hell, then repeat