The Tsar of the farmlands

I has today encountered the crazy machine The Tsar of the farmlands, and i dont know it is possible to kill it. I used about 45 rockets from the grenade weapon, 4 rockets from rocket launcher. About 600 machinegun shots, many shotgun shots. And even about 12 grenades, and it didnt die. Then I got attacked by other robots and The Tsar of the farmlands drive away. I am unsure it can be killed.

Sounds like a Rival. They’re a more powerful variant of the base machines that spawn by killing normal machines in the region. Rivals have boosted health, making them tough to bring down without powerful weapons, and can often be bullet sponges if they’re a Tank. Killing them provides better loot than a regular machine, and can also give clothing schematics to upgrade your clothes with stats like bullet or explosion resistance

If it’s a Tsar that means it’s a Wolf, and by your description it sounds like it has its healing components. If these healing components are in tact, the Wolf will periodically heal itself infinitely. That’s why you haven’t been able to kill it yet.

You can tell when it heals itself when it spews out a bunch of green Matrix-y particle effects.

This healing components are a pair of disc shaped devices, one on each side of the Wolf. In the image below I’ve marked the location of one of these devices.

If you focus your fire on this disc and the one located on the other side of its body, they can be destroyed. If so, the Wolf will be unable to heal itself and will be able to be killed.


Thanks so much of the answer. It give a lots og sense. I was close to it, and the tanks make a weird movement, where the grounds was shaking, and the green smoke came out. First i thought it was poison smoke

I tried to focus on it. But it seems to be very difficult, because it is nearly only possible to shot at it, when it heal itself, after that i need to sprint a lots sideways to avoid the bombs it shoots, then after that can focus on the discs again, but then it keep heal itself before i can shoot it. Maybe some emp grenades could help

EMP is required for dealing with those, if you have the NATO pack the n79 EMP rounds are a good option fire one swap to your launcher and bomb it from range.

The upper one in your screenshot is the healing device. The other one is the gas tank for gas spread in close combat.

The healing devices are easily destroyed with 1 shot by exp PVG, maybe 2 for rivals. You need to destroy both in order ti make the wolf unable to use it anymore.

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Thanks for the correction, I’ve updated that post. :+1:

The best way to take out the discs is to pound them with a PVG, if you have a good one. If not, the hunting rifles should suffice.

It makes sense that you’re having a hard time, a Rival Wolf is one of the most difficult machines to fight. You should make sure you have good gear if you want to be able to take it down.

Thanks for that. Im happy i have a 6 stars pvg weapon. I also guess it only works at close range because of the low handling, but it is a very strong weapon :blush:

Maybe you just have the wrong skills.
I can easily shoot a moving runner or seeker in >300 meters with a single shot… In most cases :wink:

(playing on ps5 with gamepad)

One thing I will note, hitting moving targets seems to be easier with a controller, play on PC via the Xbox store, swap between controller and mouse and key as long range just seems easier with controller unless I am trying to hit weak points on big things.