The Type "Locked" or "open" failed

I have found a bug that on this door at this location failed the status from the door as typed

Not every door can be opened in this game. Some stay locked.



Muskudden Naval Base has three entry paths: North, East and West. None of them are blocked by single red door. So, walk around and use another entrance.

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I believe that particular door was added a couple of patches ago, due to the corridor leading into an empty room, and it being blocked by a bar of concrete that was actually a stairway lapping over the infrastructure.

It´s failed the type “LOCKED” or “VERSPERRT”

Yes, it was so. Here’s a screen of early days with the same spot without the door blocking the access:

The open area wasn’t high enough to crouch under it, thus blocking the access. Now, the locked door sits in the archway.

Like said by 0L0 above, there are several “Locked” doors within the game world which you can not open.
My best guess is that they are there to allow expansion of the POIs in game world in the future date.