The usefulness (or lack thereof) of smoke grenades / rounds


Has anyone used these things successfully in any way? I’ve tried to use them, and the only thing they seem to do is cripple my own visibility while having zero effect on machines that seem to be able to see through the smoke screen without issue.


i think the intention was to limit the view of the robots to see us , this may have been done in early development, i certainly agree that the only thing they seem to do now is smoke the players view and not the enemies.


I don’t know how it was in the beta stage, but I’ve been playing since launch day and they’ve been useless since the public release.

I tried them early on when I first started coming across them and they seemed to do nothing other than blind me. Particularly since I was just starting out at the time and didn’t have any IR modules and such. I didn’t see how gimping my own vision was helpful in any way.

I hadn’t really touched them much until I tried them again a few days ago. Now I’m L28 (on my second time playing through the game), have all gold guns / attachments and total vision modules. With the number of smoke grenades I was finding everywhere, I decided to try them out again to see if they did anything.

I tried them in several different situations. They seem to have no effect on the machines that I could notice. Machines still seem to track and shoot me just as easily. Hunters still seem to do their mad ninja leap with total accuracy. I’m getting hit by bullets and runners are still accurately charging me and knocking me down. If machines have IR and OP vision modes, smoke should have no effect on them at all anyway. This isn’t unrealistic in any way.

What it comes down to is that it really seems smoke grenades a completely useless item in the game that serve no purpose. And if an item serves no purpose, it shouldn’t be a lootable item at all and shouldn’t be in the game. My vote is to either give the item a tangible purpose or remove it completely.


great post , and i vote too , either give the item a tangible purpose or remove it completely.


Agreement from me , was going to say so in detail ’ no need to now @Crunchmeister has it covered :point_left: :rofl: nice one crunchy


Thanks for your input. I was just about dumping all my stock of smoke grenades and rockets.
And what about fireworks ? Are they useful ? I use flares but never fireworks.


Sometimes I use smoke grenades to escape from tough fights. Pop a few to confuse the enemies, and sneak away like a ninja. Mostly works on smaller enemies, but I’ve even fooled Hunters once or twice.


I’ve never gotten them to do anything to the enemies. I toss a smoke grenade or use a smoke rocket, they come after me.


We were stuck in a house with one exit. One tank and few hunters and runners outside. The prototype tank fired as soon as we looked out the door. I throw out four smoke grenades that landed between the tank and The way out. Nobody opened fire when we went out. But as soon as we started running the hunters came after us.

Other times the grenades had little or no effect. In my opinion the should generate more smoke. Because one grenade doesn’t provide enough cover.


I’ve tried smoke grenades today. First time since june update. Worked just fine. Throw a few grenades for a smoke screen. I could stand behind it and shoot at a tank without it shooting back. Without the smoke I was sprayed with bullets as soon as I peaked around the corner.