The Uselesness of the .32 ammo


Yeah, I brought it up. So let me ask, why the hell was .32 ammo made so useless? Honesty, it’s only useful until the end of the beginner area. Even if you have a high rarity and use FMJ ammo, the other sidearms will still outstrip the Moller’s performance. And that’s the issue, isn’t it? The ammo is only used in that beginner, weak pistol, and nothing else. Even though you will be running into .32 ammo all through the game, the weapon that uses it is just so useless.

Honestly, I think we need a smg. Make it use .32 ammo. This way, you make all of your items have a valid use.


When you take a look on youtube you can see that someone has killed a Tank!!! with a moeller Pistol.
So useless as you say it isn’t. Ok. you must pump a huge pile of .32 ammo in the tank but it works when you shoot at the right points. And in a close fight with some Proto Runners it isn’t useless, you must only be fast enough.


Technically all guns are useless if you are out of its effective range or can’t hit the enemy. Plus damage dealt is still damage dealt to the robots as we can heal but they are stuck with it until destroyed.


I killed my very 1st proto harv with my 2* Möller, so, .32 rounds aren’t that useless.

As far as all weapons go, different people have different uses for them. For example, to me, both shotguns are useless due to their short range, small clip and long reload time. But there are people out there that find shotguns very useful.

However, if you want to talk about useless ammo then: shotgun slugs + experimental 12G shotgun. <- Now, that is truly useless.


You can still kill things with slugs in the experimental shotgun as I sometimes do it because why not but you do have to point blank it though