The weapons I want in my GZ now are ".44 Magnum" and "Machine pistol with 9mm (handgun)". And by the way, the proposed Poll that I would like to see improved

Does everyone want a .44 magnum handgun?

  • Yes
  • No

Do you want a fully automatic rapid-firing machine pistol that uses a 9mm Ammo (handgun)?

  • Yes
  • No

Should the AL76 assault rifle be able to be fitted with a “1-4x variable zoom scope” so that “Vision modules” can be attached?

  • Yes
  • No

Do you want new attachments like flash hiders or reflex sights?

  • Yes
  • No

Here is a Poll of what I think should be implemented in the future.

I was going to make a Poll to make it easier to understand everyone’s opinion, but you can’t make a Poll…

The poll function is hidden behind the cogwheel.
Here a screenshot of how it looks for me on a mobile.

There already is the .44 magnus.
Maybe you mean something different?

You mean something like the kpist or com-10 but that is used in the sidearm category? Why? The ammo is the same. It was just split into handgun and smg because we originally just had quick select slots for a primary and a secondary weapon and the devs wanted to prevent that our primary weapon consumes the ammo of our secondary weapon. With the weapons wheel it doesn’t matter any more.

The vosa on the other hand just was introduced to give us a new use for the .32 ammo.

No, in my eyes. It’s the best gun for short to medium distance with its own advantages (like 3 round burst) and disadvantages. It I want a weapon that is able to use a vision module on a scope, I choose the AG4, which has its own advantages and disadvantages.

What’s a flash hider?
The Red Dot is a reflex sight.

Sorry. i meant to suggest that the .44 magnum be a magazine type handgun type.
I meant that I would like a .44 blowback magnum handgun separate from the .44 revolver.

This one also does not use 9mm ammunition or short machine gun ammunition.
It is a suggestion to use 9mm ammunition for handguns in a fully automatic handgun like the Glock 18.

Yes. It is true that the AG4 is easy to use at medium distances and can also be used with 4-8x scopes.
However, I found it inconvenient that the AL76 can only be used with a red dot.

A flash hider is also called a flash suppressor.
It is a type of muzzle module that can reduce or eliminate muzzle flash.
I feel that red dot reflex sights are not enough for me.
I would like a 1x reflex sight for my handgun, especially since the red dot cannot be equipped on a handgun.

I tried to use the voting function in my browser (chrome) and it refused.
I have tried various ways to make Polls about this, but I couldn’t do it.
This is why I am having trouble.

Ok, you suggest to introduce a handgun like the .44 Desert Eagle. :+1:
Either .44 or .50, a Desert Eagle or other high caliber semiautomatic handgun would be cool.

Or in other words, you suggest to introduce a fullauto handgun, which uses 9mm ammo, too.
Well, in my eyes not really needed. But that’s just my opinion.

I could agree with that.

Well, a silencer like we have in the game also is a surpressor. Do you mean additional barrel extensions that surpress the muzzle flash by leading it towards the sides to prevent being blinded by it while aiming at a target?

Yes Yes. I am not familiar with small arms and I thought that magnum guns like the Desert Eagle = large caliber pistols to communicate.

9mm pistol ammunition is heavy in weight but not often used.
So it often puts pressure on storage, so we want a full-auto pistol that can be used in large quantities.

I would very much like to see 1x reflex sights on other weapons, not just pistols.
To be extravagant, I would be happy with a wide variety of reflex sights to choose from, similar to games like Rainbow Six Siege as an example.

GZ is not a game like that.
It doesn’t need more attachments just because they look and feel different, but do the same. We don’t need to get special advantages against other players by using the personally best fitting attachments. They just have one use: improve our abilities against the machines. In my opinion it’s just too much.

Simple solution: don’t pick up that much pistol ammo or don’t put it all into your storage.

I currently just have about 100 shots 9mm (handguns) in my inventory + some experimental shock ammo.
Just to be able to use it, not to be able to fight whole wars with it.

In my plundra there are also just a few rounds.
If I pick up pistol ammo, I recycle most of it for getting explosives. The rest, which I wasn’t able to recycle because of its amount, and which is also more than I want to carry, is moved to the plundra.
If the amount in the plundra reached a level, that can be recycled again, I pick it to recycle it.

Yes, a Desert Eagle or Auto Mag would be a nice alternative to the revolver. The Desert Eagle is common enough in other games, but the Auto Mag has been in comparatively few—Rainbow Six SIEGE being the only one I’m aware of… Both the Desert Eagle and the Auto Mag would fit the timeline, and were also popular in Hollywood movies, and also in the realm of hunting using handguns. The Desert Eagle would be perhaps the most correct option, of the two, as it actually had a version that used the same sort of .44 Magnum ammunition used in revolvers. The Auto Mag used a slightly different round, purpose built for that gun, which was a bit different but roughly equivalent to traditional .44 Magnum.

I would propose another option. The LAR Grizzly pistol. The design for it was based on the 1911, just scaled up and built tougher to deal with more powerful ammunition than the .45 ACP cartridge of the basic 1911. Ballistically, the Grizzly is marginally superior to the Desert Eagle and other competing “magnumatics.” I’m not sure the Grizzly has EVER been included in ANY video game, though it was in a few movies. Hollywood never made a big deal out of it, like they did the far more recognizable Desert Eagle and Auto Mag. Unfortunate… Like the Desert Eagle and the Auto Mag, the Grizzly fits the timeline, and was also popular for hunting with a handgun, much like revolvers. The Grizzly was made in several versions, for different cartridges, including versions for .44 Magnum, .357 Magnum, and .50 Action Express—similar to the Desert Eagle, etc.

A 9mm machine pistol, not an SMG but a full-auto or burst-fire pistol… Yes, please. Glock 18, Beretta 93R, or something Russian—the APS Stechkin.

The Glock 18 would be super easy for the devs to work in; just a new slide for the Klaucke 17, their version of the Glock 17, and they’re DONE, except for playing with the stats, the numbers. Modifications to the slide would be minimal, to create the visual model; just add a fire mode selector switch…maybe a slide cutout and some muzzle flash out the top, if they wanted to give us the 18C—integral compensator for recoil control, but no longer fit for a sound suppressor/silencer… Glock 18 or 18C were both semi-auto/full-auto.

Beretta 93R would be similar, but a bit more work; the 93R would need a new slide (again, actually just a little alteration to the safety/fire mode selector) and the little folding foregrip under the front of the frame, so more modifications to the N9, their version of the Beretta 92 or M9…new/modified animation/posture for holding the 93R, similar to how the player holds the Vosa/Skorpion, more work… The Beretta 93R was semi-auto/3-round-burst.

The Russian option, the Stechkin, would be more work. Entirely new model… The Stechkin is semi-auto/full-auto.

If they wanted to do the Beretta 93R or the Stechkin justice, they could include the removable stock options for them—or, in-game, they wouldn’t need to be removable, like how you can’t collapse the stock on the COM-10/MAC-10, or use the stock on the Vosa/Skorpion, etc. The Beretta 93R is often featured in COD titles as just a modification to the regular Beretta 92, and I think was also featured in some Resident Evil titles in a similar way. The Glock 18 has been in a variety of games, like Rainbow Six titles, COD titles, Army of Two titles, etc. The Stechkin, I don’t know of it ever showing up in any games.

Or, hear me out; they could step back in time, and do the Mauser C96 M712—a machine pistol from WWII. The C96 was one of the first truly successful semi-automatic pistol designs ever produced, and the M712 was a select-fire, full-auto-capable version of that…to make it one of the first marginally successful machine pistols ever produced. Like the Stechkin and the Beretta 93R, the Mauser C96 could also accept a shoulder stock. Like the Stechkin, the stock for the C96 also doubled as the holster. The C96 M712 was semi-auto/full-auto. The M712 was also one of the C96 models to feature detachable box magazines, originally 10-round capacity but with 20-round magazines also available. Many earlier C96 models did not have detachable box magazines—instead, their integral box magazine was fed from the top by stripper clips, similar to how the Vintovka/Mosin-Nagant is loaded. The C96 M712 would be more work to get in, like the Stechkin—whole new weapon. The C96 has been featured in a few games, including at least one Red Dead Redemption title, a COD title or two… Oh, and, perhaps most famously, the C96 was the basis for Han Solo’s DL44 blaster in the Star Wars franchise.

Or they could go with perhaps the most fitting German alternative, the HK VP70M. The VP70M was basically designed for guerilla warfare. Streamlined design, but actually quite simple and crude, made to be mass-produced to arm resistance fighters against possible Soviet invasion of West Germany/the rest of Europe, during the Cold War. With the easing tensions between the USSR and the rest of the world during the time of GZ’s events, the VP70s would no longer be needed by Germany, so they could’ve been available to drop into Ostertorn, quite readily perhaps. The VP70M would, again, be more work…a whole new weapon. The VP70M was semi-auto/3-round-burst, with a requirement… Like the Beretta 93R, Stechkin, and the C96 M712, the VP70M also featured a detachable stock. Like the Stechkin and the Mauser, the VP70M’s stock also doubled as the pistol’s holster. With the VP70M, however, the stock was REQUIRED to be fitted to the gun for the weapon to function as a machine pistol. Without the stock, it was limited to semi-auto only. With the stock fitted, the VP70M became capable of firing 3-round-bursts. The deal was, some of the guts needed for the burst fire mode were located in the stock, so without the stock fitted those parts obviously weren’t attached to the gun, so the gun was limited. The VP70 has been featured in a few games—one of the ALIENS games (Colonial Marines, and it was also featured in the ALIENS movie), and some of the Resident Evil games—Leon’s pistol in the earlier games, and the optional ‘Matilda’ in RE4 versions.

As for the AI76, yes, I believe the 1-4x rifle scope should be made compatible with it.

The differentiation between the AI76 and the AG4 should be based on POWER, DAMAGE, not on whether they can accept which scopes or not. The AI76 represents an AK47, a 7.62x39mm assault rifle, using intermediate power ammunition. The AG4 represents an AK4, the Swedish service version of the German HK G3, both of which are 7.62x51mm battle rifles, using full-power rifle ammunition. The AG4 should be more powerful than the AI76 in terms of damage, but harder to control in full-auto, and therefore the AG4 should lend itself more to being used at extended range, in semi-auto, while the AI76 remains the close-range king. THAT is the distinction that should exist between the two rifles, nothing about sighting limitations.

/mercilessly beating a dead horse

A flash hider or flash suppressor is not the same as a silencer or sound suppressor, Mad. You seem to actually know that, but just didn’t get it in your first response for some reason. Kuro’s initial description of the device, I think, was pretty clear that it wasn’t the same as the existing silencers.

A flash hider or flash suppressor attempts to disperse and mask the visible signature of gunfire, the muzzle flash. A sound suppressor attempts instead of manage and decrease the sound signature of gunfire, the noise of the shot—though, yes, a sound suppressor may also reduce or even minimize the muzzle flash, the visible signature, as well.

That said, I don’t think it’s really necessary as an add-on part for the game. Most automatic rifles already include a flash hider, built-in, from the very beginning. Whatever integral design is built in here or there may not be the best, but with how detection works in GZ—the machines don’t care about light conditions, flashlights, or muzzle flashes—it would be pointless to have flash hider modifications…unless machine detection saw some changes.

As for the distinction between red dot sights and reflex sights, it’s an awkward distinction to explain… They’re basically the same thing, the terms are more or less interchangable… Commercial buzz words, more or less. There are a LOT more terms that could be thrown around and still refer to the same sort of sighting device, too.

Anyway, there are two main types; tube types (like the 2x RDS in-game, is a short tube with more than one lens), and open types. An “open type” is often referred to as a “reflex” sight, while the closed “tube type” is often referred to as a red dot sight. At least, that seems to be the OP’s take on it.

The “open type” are usually smaller, lighter, and more easily fitted to typical handguns. Very minimalistic designs, but comparatively fragile. The closed “tube type” are usually bigger, bulkier, may have some slight magnification built in, and are not as well suited to typical handguns.

As the game is set in 1989~1990, I’m not too sure just how many different RDS/Collimator/Reflex/Holographic sights would’ve been available, or in use… There were some more, more than just the one we have now, so maybe they could add one or two. I’d like to see the Russian Kobra RDS/Reflex, for the AI76—it’s an open type, and Russian, to go with the Russian gun, so there is that at least. As for something to go on a handgun, I don’t know what would be available. That sort of thing on a handgun seems more recent than that to me, but I don’t know. More of an open iron sight guy, myself…