Theory* The mainland isnt uder attack, but will be soon

What do i mean? well i mean that FNIX hasnt invaded the mainland yet but it is building up its forces so it can do that, thats why the resistance needs to stop FNIX, so it dosnt invade the rest of the world, do you agree or do you hve another theory?

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Well, if i were FNIX, i wouldnt allow the enemy to regroup and fortify their positions.
In other words; i would not focus my efforts on any particular area but instead use the swedish tactics against them, with guerilla-style assaults/retreats in pseudo-random locations all over the battle map.

That way the enemy would be forced to spread their troops to protect all assets (and not merely the likely targets) making it alot easier to wipe them out.

So in short; i would NOT focus on Östervik and the islands first, i would attack all regions simultanously.

And since humans behave as all other animals when fleeing, a natural choke point where humans must pass (like the (busted) bridge to the mainland) would be my favorite hunting grounds; send a couple of hunters into the towns and cities to wreak havoc to get the meatbags moving and then just mow them down as they run by said choke points.