These scrap mechanics are cool, let's discuss

The fact that a car battery weighs 1kg in game I’m fine with having to scrap 10 at a time. But if it was 10kg a battery. Then collecting 10 would be out of the question.

Electrolyte is used to craft the EMP rounds for the Granatgevar. I think I would never have been able to get my hands on EMP rounds otherwise.

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@Tentrix I have gotten these frequently, but only from bosses, and I think mostly harvesters.

@Mr_A1992 Yeah, okay, I guess I wasn’t reading it that way, I was expecting that meant I needed something else besides the battery. I did not read into that message, “you need 9 more (duh)” :crazy_face:

Sources of steel are low in the game. And those we have, yield very little.
Steel is consumed a lot of making bullets.

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I had about 2.500 steel before the ammo crafting was introduced and scrapped about 1k of it to give space for more rare ressources like aluminium and such. Now I have to search for cars and look in the engine bay for steel. I’m avoiding a lot of big fights due to the costliness of steel :see_no_evil:

I sometimes wonder if we’re all playing the same game…
I like the ammo crafting, but I sure as heck don’t need it. At no point in this game have I ever been short on ammo, except for .50 BMG on a few occasions. I have 2 points in Salvage of course, but even without it, ammo is literally overflowing everywhere you look. I mainly use 4 weapons: KVM 59, Kpist, PVG 90 and .44 Magnus. Of these 4 ammo types, .50 cal is the only one I can/need to craft a few of in order to maintain my wished-for inventory amount.

Prime example: Use 40 rounds of 7.62 to kill a military Hunter, and get 115 rounds back from his loot pool. Ka-Ching!

I have to drop ammo constantly. If anyone wanted to find where I was hiding, just follow the trail of backpacks… :joy:


I need to drop ammo also, but getting 1 point or not even taking the ammo scavenge skill is possible now. Always kept this skill as support.
Now crafting gives us possibility have 1 or 2 more skill points to be used something else.

That’s true.
But personally I think that not having to worry about ammo is more worth than gaining some other marginal boost. Especially if the price you pay for that is having to spend more time searching for crafting components.

I have quite limited time for playing, so more action, less scrounging is a priority for me. :wink:

Try building clothes using the schematics. Holy crap this is expensive!

Why not implement a mechanic when a downed rival gives no exp. weapon or schematic it instead rewards the player with a huge pile of steel (which it basically is). Or make scrapping bullets give the player at least 1 steel per scrapable unit.

I have, 4-5* bullet and explosive resistances.

Weapons dont give steel/titanium, except certain ones. And only above 4* levels.
No point collect for scarp

Bullet givin 1 steel capped stack would be nice.

Field radios should give 1 copper

Well, I started recycle “slow-consuming” ammo to keep myself from overburdening, but that’s my horrible hoarder habits. Recycling ammo is veeery wasteful in potential damage per weight, like that box of pistol ammo will do more damage than couple of mags for AMR, even if it’s experimental (unles you makes shots count).
I’m aware that ammo is finite and spended up quickly, but what kind of gunplay you perform or whatever that you in constant need of steel for ammo? I suspect it’s .50 BMG. If that’s the case I have two suggestions:

  1. suck up all bullets you can, scrap 'em, and bake whatever cookies you want (hunting and 16 gramms ammo gives maximum yield in materials for it’s count);
  2. time to time cycle your guns, have at least one with high ammo efficiency (shotgun, hunting rifle, waste pistol ammo) and bear with it until you gather some for other in the set.

Its the rampage decimate machines mode, which in my game sometimes means almost zero looting. Move fast as i can, drop enemies even faster. Location, location, location.

Getting ammo is no problem for me. And now done some testing with new character without any scavenge skills, and still can keep up with ammo. This time i am looting, to see will i use more than i can loot & craft.

But there are players who struggle with the ammunition, and this steel problem is kind of thing to point out. Problem that players might face when crafting.

I was hunting rivals a lot. Since most rivals come with additional machines those fights get large quite fast for me. So I was in need to craft 7.62 FMJs. This was the time I acknowledged the rarity of steel.
It’s only the fights with rivals that are massive ammo dumps. Usually I go stealthy with my 5* Älgstudsare and silenced exp. Kpist. And I’m on Guerilla, which means more ammo is required and less loot is found.

Well, then I suggest you to hoard any and all ammo you can find, even if it’s occasional bunker raid. Then try to spend it, with “inconvenient” types being in priority. For second slot - backup reliable gun, that you constanlty use (e.g. G3). Keep guns (like M46 for 9mm) with desirable ammo in your pockets - this way you’ll increase chances for favorable drops.
Do not neglect all three pistols and juggle them when respective ammo is spent. PPK (Moller) may be weak tiny cute peashooter, but it has tightest spread cone for hip fire and with rapid fire it can dispatch Army and FNIX hunters within comfortable efforts. Another plus is lightweight ammo - 5g per shot.

All this is to avoid doing recycling for ammo. Rather use recycling to free some space if it’s too much hustle to spend it “properly”.

That isn’t true. I’ve tested all difficulty modes and loot what you find (especially ammo) is the same amount.

Since you’d be using a lot more ammo in Guerilla than in Adventurer, you may get a feeling that there’s less loot (since you can’t keep topping up your ammo reserves that easily/fast).

Either that, or the aim is so bad that one can’t hit broad side of the barn at 10 feet.


Funny, I observed exactly the opposite. After I started Guerilla and went through the beginning of the Archipelago I started a different savegame and tried the same area with Adventure. In Adventure I found more lootable containers in the same spot and there was definitely more in it. Since this is some time ago maybe this changed. Need to verify if this is still the same today.

Thanks for clearing that up duh.

When you start a new game (by deleting your old save), world is populated by loot containers randomly. There are specific locations where they can spawn within POI and RNG of how many there are. Not all spawn locations are populated. However, it is possible that you got more loot containers in the same POI on your 2nd playthrough than on your 1st due to that RNG loot containers spawn.

For example: Ammo storage, bigger one (with two double-sided doors).
In there, you can have 6-8 loot containers or you can have 0. I have one such “empty” example in my game. However, if i were to join someone else, who has different RNG loot container spawn result, i can find loot containers in that very building.

In-game difficulty level has nothing to do with that. If it were, as soon as you increase the difficulty level, some of your loot containers should magically disappear. And once you lower the difficulty level, they all come back. But that is not the case.

Care to bring forth another possible explanation, other than usage of rare ammo and/or having a bad aim? :thinking: Since i don’t know any other, plausible reason. Though, when to think about it, you could say: not picking up the ammo (or looting in general), but that would be “duh”, as you’d say it.