These scrap mechanics are cool, let's discuss

To start with I think it’s a little weird that copper is rarer than tungsten.

To preface; I’m an American who hand loads ammo irl on the same kind of press featured in game. These thoughts come from my irl understanding of how bullets are made.

I have a few main points about the crafting/scrapping overhaul:

  1. Getting lead only from fmj rounds is weird
  2. Crafting ap ammo with only steel, copper, and powder is weird because tungsten is already in game.
  3. Field radios yielding NO copper when scrapped if weird. One could argue that their coils are made of aluminum as implied by the current yield, still odd tho.

So here’s my wishlist of what to do about these weird things:

  1. Scrapping fmj ammo should yield/require both lead and copper, if 1/5th the copper.
    1a. Hp ammo only yielding/requiring lead seems fine to me.
  2. Ap ammo should similarly yield/require tungsten and copper in a 1:5 ratio tungsten:copper.
  3. Field radios containing no copper can be handwaved easily by saying that they use aluminum for winding the coils. Although with the current copper sparse scrapping meta, I think it could make field radios more useful to players if it could be a consistent source of copper.

All in all I’m over the moon with being to craft ammo at all, so please don’t think I’m just griping.


Car battery:

I would change rubber to plastik, and copper to lead - this would make much more sense.


Hey @ColHamlin, shoutout from one home reloader to another! :wink: :fist_right::fist_left:

I haven’t really touched on the reloading and breaking down mechanics of the game yet, and yesterday was the first time I tried it. I didn’t have time to fully explore it, but one thing made me wonder! I was trying to break down a bunch of useless .32 ACP, but I couldn’t. What the heck does “Required Resources” mean? Just like in your screenshot, @0L0 :thinking:

Does scrapping items require resources???
Anyone, please help me understand this! :woozy_face:


It’s the number of items required to receive components listed below. In that example we need 10 car batteries.

Ok, I think I understand now.
So this means that you can’t scrap car batteries unless you got 10 of them?
Or 100 x .32 ACP as it was in my case?

I can kind of understand the stack rule on ammo, but for big items like a car battery, you should be able to scrap 1 at a time, or what? …I mean, who carries 10 car batteries?


I’m scratching my head over this too. 10 batteries means up to 9kg blocked in the Plundra.

The other day I decided to recycle some of my adrenaline shots because 22 were way too many (plus 30 in the Plundra), I pressed the E key twice and had only 2 left :sweat_smile: in this case I was saved by the stacking mechanics (5 adrenaline shots are required to recycle them).

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Yeah, I mentioned it shortly after the patch. Again, something that doesn’t quite make sense (like the spawning of the reaper). “Big” items should be able to be scrapped one by one. As for ammo, maybe 10 at a time or so if they aboslutely need to keep this weird system in.


Yep, fully agree with you here.
Needing a stack of 10 batteries is just ridiculous.
IRL, you need 5 people to carry 10 car batteries! :joy:

I understand they want recycling to have a trade-off, like it would be too easy to scrap 100 x .32 ACP and get enough components to reload 100 x 9x19 mm.

And yes, the required stack sizes should be lowered. If that’s impossible, then they need to add decimals to the amount of components you get from recycling.
Actually, couldn’t that be done quite simply?
Like scrapping 1 battery for 0.2 copper, instead of 10 batteries for 2.0 copper? :thinking:

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Must be a Duracell battery, they have copper tops :rofl:

I crack myself up,…

Hey where do I get explosives, electrolytes and other metals like copper to build bullets, etc…? The only metals I have come across thus far are steel, titanium, tungsten and aluminum, but no copper. Is it by the mine or something, or did I miss something?

Oh, and I finally found my balls again to fight 4* rivals. Don’t ask where these are, but it kinda makes you wonder though what these swedes are thinking about sometimes. :joy:

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copper comes from scrapping AP bullets. As well as FMJ bullets I believe. Electrolytes comes from scrapping emp things. Like car batteries and emp GRG rounds.


As @MarkNcheese42 said, recycle everything you don’t use. Ammo, batteries, explosives, radios … if your recycling station becomes full, discard some of the most common materials or produce what you need.

Recycle materials:
FMJ ammo - explosives and lead
AP ammo - explosives and copper

Wow, it never occurred to me to scrap the crap I have been just dropping. Thx a bunch!:+1:

Since November '20 update, you can recycle everything. Given that you have sufficient quantity of it.

One last question regarding recycling, some things cannot be recycled, or is this saying there is no room left to break the component apart? I am not sure what Required Resources: 5 means. :hammer_and_wrench: The message is ambiguous to me.

“Required resources-10”
Pay more attention to the info

That means you need more 9 of those, it´s a pain i know, getting electrolyte is the most difficult thing, it requires you to have lots of radios, boomboxes or large EMP cells and they weight more than they should.

Electrolyte is currently unused crafting material. But as seeing what you get from recycling items, and when new crafting schems are added to the game, Electrolyte will be crucial for crafting adrenaline shots.

And i’m not fond with the idea that i need to have 5 field radios or 10 large EMPs to recycle them either. It would make sense that you could recycle individual items. But then again, individual items may not contain enough resources where you get 1 full unit of crafting materials out of them, giving the need to have multiple items at hand, to recycle at once.

A new skill, e.g Recycler, would be nice, where at lvl 1, you’ll get 50% more crafting materials per recycle and at lvl 2, you’ll get 100% more crafting materials (similar to Salvage skill).


Discussion moved to proper topic.


After reading some discussions in “Storage capacity poll” and some other ammo/crafting posts, I send off another thought train.

The craft system should be tweaked, specifically recipes - both assembling and dismantling.

First - ammo.
Rule of thumb: AP - tungsten is mandatory with some exceptions, FMJ - usually copper+lead, SP/HP/else - usually lead.
Now, more specific ideas:
Pistol ammo - is about stronger charges and a bit heavier bullets, so need more lead and explosives and relatively less steel for cases. FMJ additionally requires copper (rare drop chance?). Lets keep more copper and steel for AP 9mm pistol. .44 ammo is still generally in-game heavy ammo.

Hunting rifles are just strong charges and finely crafted bullets. More explosives, more lead, steel. FMJ need a bit of copper copper.

Shotgun is not so popular, not so powerfull, so it’s ammo can have some “trash leftovers” or ubiqutous materials at expense of more explosives. Needs one unit of steel for brass anyway, plastic for hull, lead for buck, steel or lead for bird (- exp), slug is steel, lead or both (because of AP properties, +exp).
Maybe we can add there rubber/textile/glue for seal or just for lulz.

Assault rifle ammo is same in materials, different in quantity batch (75/125 ratio seems just enough for me). This ammo starts using tungsten for AP ammo instead of copper. Lead and steel still there, explosives… around same -it’s low charge ammo, compared to pistols or custom load hunting ammo as I heard, so 3-4 explosives for 75/125 cartridges should be good. Copper now is required for FMJ, but not so much - about 1-2 units.

Now, .50 cal. Steel, copper, lead for FMJ; Tungsten, steel, lead for AP. Explosives for 25 pcs is should be good or +1 unit.

Launcher ammo. HEDP: lots of explosives, steel/alluminium for hull, may be some plastic. Smoke: small or no steel for hull, alluminium, mid-low explosives for launch charge and slow burning for smoke emitting, more alluminium as part of hull and smoke mix, may be textile, plastic and glue for latter. EMP: copper, electrolyte, rubber, plastic, glue as warhead. Steel/alluminium and explosives for launch charge.

SimFAK: Textile and threads. May be rubber or plastic.
StanFAK: Textile, threads, rubber and plastic in more quantity. May be adhesive.
AdvFAK: Same materials as StanFAK plus titanium and adhesive.

All these recipes needs material quantity and weight tweaked to be “material>=product”. About titanium - it’s not that widespread, but it’s consume rate ain’t that lot either. Lategame surely gets you a lot of it. May be add it to some ammo or gadgets/mods crafting? I mean we don’t have that much of application of “consumable titanium” medical stuff aside.

Titanium vs Steel rant

Titanium is lighter than steel and has better strength-per-unit. But it’s harder to shape/machine, due to it’s special TiO2 coating (that protects it’s body from corrosion and scratches) and it’s high elasticity (more prone to keep it’s shape at bending etc). Steel is easier to shape and has better absolute strength but heavier and it’s properties can range widely with alloy recipe.
That means, to get equal total strength (even some ordinary industry grade steel alloy) of something, you need more Titanium or if you need something stronger with limited volume and weight is not a concern - Steel is better. Inversely, if you desire something lighter than steel, but as same as strong- titanium is way to go.

Yeah, it turned out overcomlicated, but I’d like to use all scaps we gather so it won’t accumulate, when we recycle guns/ammo/items. Next car of my thinktrain is about to arrive when I constict it in more comprehensive shape.