Schematics - Fixed Locations

@Thagen - as my Reaper video is almost done, I was going to give your locations a once over. Do you think it would be worth putting a video guide together?

Happy to do it as I’ll be streaming it all anyway…may help indenting them. As you put this together - I’ll let you make the call.


I think that is the case. I went through a list on here and stuff I had looted was not spawning in game.

Does anyone happen to know how or where to pick up the schematics for the 3* Bullet Resistant Jacket and Blast Resistant Pants?

3*-5* clothes schematics are not placed. They drop from rivals.

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Ha, just as I posted this I picked up the 3* Blast Resistant Jacket schematic… Yeah, that’s what I thought, thanks @MarkNcheese42 for confirming…!

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Does anyone have an idea on why a static schematic is not showing up? looking for the 12ga buckshot and it isn’t where it’s supposed to be. Could be PIBCAK but would really like that schematic. Thanks

Most likely you hosted a coop session and someone else took that schematic.

So my .270 soft point schematic isnt there one of the houses is blown up and so are both cars. Any advice on what I need to do to get it?

Thank you guys soooo much. Must have been 1000 cups of coffie.

No problem. Was not too much of a bother. Thanks to bepp we got all the locations in as well.

I saw on Facebook two new locations after the revamp changed the original spot.
Source: Sven Sjödin
.243 FMJ is at 2452, -1500 (in the yellow house)

.270 SP is at -173, -1841 (on the parkbench)

Yeah… about that:

Since i picked them up, i can’t go and retake the loc screens. :unamused:

And until we don’t get a full list of those collectables that have changed places from the devs, it will be huge ordeal to go over every single collectible and update their co-ords in the forums and in GZ wiki: Collectables | Generation Zero Wiki | Fandom

I don’t know why devs threw such a wrench in the works and obsoleting every guide about collectibles. I guess there was a very good reason for that, other than revamped POI looking a bit nicer with replaced collectible.

Well, in any case I’ll post any new location here if I see them mentioned. :coffee:



Are you sure you mean this one?

Paramedic response pack

Could we get a screenshot of this scematic from your log?


Sorry dude i thought it was for the paramedic response pack but read it wrong I found the 50 cal fmj schematic

50 cal fmj schematic is in a container that’s fallen off a lorry

Thank you so much for this list it has been so helpful! However, for the life of me I cannot find the HE! I swear I am in the correct spot, but maybe I am missing something. Also, I play on xbox one so I do not think I can put in coordinates

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There is another topic regarding this sceme.
Due to the update the location seems to have moved. Look around somewhere at IGA and you should find it. (not proofed by myself)

Why can’t you look for coordinates on xbox?

How to get there right now? The door is closed! :flushed:

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