Things i think would improve the game and story

As a note:
There is several good suggestions and feedback already on here, but I just wanted to add some that I might have not seen yet, or maybe even a different function of it.

  • Inventory:

As inventory is right now so is it a bit clunky with ammo, as you are constantly picking it up but then you barely have any more space for other stuff. A great addition would be some sort of linked storage in safehouses.

  • NPC:

Someone that sell stuff in safehouses that you maybe can unlock some part in the story. Also, that defend the base and kill off nearby machines for an easier escape from the safehouse as I keep encountering the machines every time I fast travel to one when I walk out of it. It also feels very lonely when you play solo which gives me bad memories of Fallout 76.

  • Saving Sweden:

More of a gameplay feature perhaps later in the game where you will be able to reconquer part of the invaded Sweden and build a resistance with fellow survivors and defend them in certain instances as you expand the reconquered region. Another feature could be able to craft barricades, turrets, watchtowers, sniper nests, traps (crude, explosive, emp, penetration (spike fall and/or launching spikes)), gates and walls (being able to place in a certain radius of the base, sort of like in Fallout 4) and more.

  • Upgrading:

Being able to upgrade components of your gun from collected scrap and components from the machines and perhaps even make certain unique mods for that specific gun. Able to upgrade your favorite appearance (while maybe even adding more visual effects for it like parts of rubber tires for knee and shoulder pads as a decrease in fall damage for example) or even re-stat it, giving that favorite look the bonus that you want it to have for your playstyle. More variation of the clothes, like some, can have a more torn look, some even bloody or some even both.

  • Crafting:

Something that I would love to see in this game, as it has such huge potential. Being able to repair a car or even make a crude looking one (perhaps a skill that you can spend a point in to be able to do it). Able to craft armor parts, like how apparel works (head, arms, shoulder, chest, and back, legs, feet, the normal stuff).

  • Final notes:

Some bug fixes that I bet the developers are already trying to fix if not thinking about it in the near future, the chugginess and the crashes in the game. I’ve been lucky with not crashing very often but it has happened enough to be noticeable. Another thing might be fixing some areas in houses and around them as I have experienced some weird graphical glitches where textures just simply disappear and areas that are way too dark for it to be. A lean feature would be splendid if implemented and I don’t know if this is a bug or a game design but it feels way to easy for enemies to spot you when you don’t even have any sight on them, a glaring example is when I was in the first bunker of the game, and enemies seemed to hear me and notice me when they were clearly outside of the bunker. Also noticed the ticks jumped through certain parts of the walls when they have noticed you + they do quite a bit of damage if you don’t kill them immediately.

This is all things I would love to see implemented into the game and perhaps fixed in some future. I really hope the developers see all great feedback and feature from the community and that they might like them for their vision of the game. I might sound negative in some parts of the suggestions, that is just my opinion, as not all games are perfect, but I see great potential in this game + I love the mystery story and setting in 1980s Sweden. So far from what I have seen though, is that it need some polishing here and there but keep at it, and you (the developers that might read this) I hope some of these ideas might be some good features you guys had in mind. Good luck.

Any feedback or thought about the suggestions I’ve made a point of is highly encouraged. I also would like to see if you guys think these might improve or otherwise not for the game.

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I love the idea for barricades, watchtowers, traps, and the like. I had mentioned an idea in a post I made just before yours an idea I had for treehouses to act as potential lookout posts, -though not craftable or placeable ones.

On your idea for an unlockable NPC merchant, I love it but part of me feels it might detract from the bleakness of the game. I feel it would be important to nail the character’s personality to reflect the bleakness, and not in a way that comes of as flat or emotionless. It would be a good way to be able to ask questions or have a first-hand account of what has went down. Maybe they are trapped in an end-game or mid-game bunker or something, hunkered safe and waiting :stuck_out_tongue:

Great ideas for clothing and some make-shift armor. Reminds me a bit of the license plate armor that is used in Rust. Here’s an IRL example for a pauldron for those who may not be familiar :slight_smile:

Having different tiers of clothing that look more/less worn would be cool and the quality of the buff’s could also reflect that, more worn being less useful.

Highly in favor of crafting as well.

Very nice thorough analysis @ZeroKonD!

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