Things that will improve Gameplay

The game needs some sort of NPC due to how dull the game can be when playing singleplayer. This NPC could be vital to the backstory to give the players explanation about the game.


Hello, welcome to the gang. I’m sorry I don’t know what NPC is… I don;t know about “dull” playing single player - I’ve never played any other way, but set off on my own missions to explore and upgrade and learn how to survive and I’m enthralled.

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NPC is non playable characters and I agree it would be cool but what would they do in a fight?

i am sorry @fredster this would not be good added into game as you can tell almost everyone is dead and it would take away from the feel of the game

+1, I feel like NPCs are really necessary in GZ: companion, trader, quest giver, victime to be saved (and to fall in love with :rofl:) , informer, pet companion, etc. Not a crowd, the game is great in its solitude ambiance, but just some human and animal bots from time to time. And why not a machine NPC, like a friendly runner, seeker or tick. Quite a lot of other similar games have them implemented.

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I don’t see how npc toons will work during campaign. Dlc, expansions I can see npc characters being a thing. Unless they added some kind of underground to be unlocked some where in the middle or later in the campaign.

Personally it be nice at some point Call in for drops. a special radio you deploy that resembles a spawn radio.
Or flares. Or even use a flare to call in a mortal strike from the main land.

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As far as NPC’s go I wouldn’t mind if they did like in The Hunter: Call of the Wild and have characters that communicate with you through radio alone, providing missions and whatnot. You never actually meet those characters, but it works really well and makes the world feel a bit more populated.

Like in GZ when:


The Russian Navy communicates with you via the radio beacons and give you the mission to take out FNIX with the EMP.

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I would hate an NPC in solo play I feel like it would ruin the game unless they sell items or something which I would want.

@Tri13 he means in COTW your selected missions we’re given to you by radio chatter with a voice and a written page of a little back story and what your expected to do. It was actually nice when running through the game in campaign solo to get the trophy’s. Kept my sanity lol

Medics would give med kits, Soldiers would shoot and Bandits would throw explosives

but if you were playing single player like I do then if you couldn’t shoot well you’d be in trouble big time

and if people were already playing then what would happen to them?