Things to make Östertörn seem more alive

Hi Just want to say I love the game.
But there some things I think is missing that if they there added would make Östertörn seem more real and alive.

  1. Add a municipality coat of arm or logotype. As of know is it no indication that there exists any governmental body at the Östertörn. Mabey use the one that can be seen at some of the fire stations?

  2. Change the fishes to another colour than white so they stand out from the background more, as someone who is interested in heraldry does the current one bugs me to no end. Example bellow to the right.

  1. Add a “kommunhus” or municipal house, either by adding a new building in one of the towns on or by just slapping a municipal coat of arm or logo on one of the existing.

  2. Mabey add a welcome to Östertörn signe at one of the harbours and at the bridge to the main land, see an ex of a sign bellow. Mabey also ad an welcome back sign at bridge also

  1. Add some flags and pennants. I´m not asking that all the houses should have flags but maybe one or two? because know is there a lot of empty flagpoles.

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