Third Person View option also Shoulder swap

TPP option as well as shoulder swap in combat situations would be superb in make the game feel better with just that

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In my experience, retrofitting a third person camera onto an FPS rarely results in a soild play experience.

The game could have been designed as a third person shooter. Arguably it may have been a superior choice, if the goal was to promote a horror atmosphere. However, the game that was designed just doesn’t match that.

All of that said, I do agree, if you have a third person shooter, a shoulder swap button is a must.

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3rd person view has been asked before in the dev stream. Devs answer is at 00:44:08,

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This would be good but the game genre is FPS as much as this would help peering around those corners I think that this would have quite a big impact on how people play mostly good in my opinion so you can actually see what you look like and it can help with some multiplayer aspects so you could see a wider radius around you if you get lost but for those solo players out there like me I don’t think that’d be a huge thing but this game is going for multiplayer features to making this game more fun so we will have to see if they’re willing to put this idea in mind as we might see next week on the GZ stream on Wednesday

Immersion-wise third person is never a superior choice.