Third weapon unreachable at Soviet Recon Camp

On the new location “Soviet Recon Camp” in the Marshland region, it seems that one of the weapons, we need to find for the 100% location completion, is placed too deep. We can see the grab icon (see pic) but we don’t see the highlighting of the weapon and can’t get it.

Using a shovel did not work. :wink:

Can you fix this for the next update, please.
Its no game-breaking bug, but for some people location completion is part of the experience.



I just went and looked since they made a pass of the marshlands, it’s still buried. So I guess like the HEDP schematic that wasn’t on the to do list.

Just to add I double checked the HEDP schematic and took a buddy of mine to show him and it is still in that same spot where the old office space was, floating below the floor and unreachable.