This game needs events

NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING helps maintain player numbers and brings in new and old players alike quite like events. I know there is the Halloween event (not sure if it is happening this year, has been no word) and anniversary events, but the game really needs more events. Anyone who has played MMO’s knows how much events are integral to the experience. The simple change up of standard gameplay to an event which introduces something new to do, even for a limited time, is a great way to balance out the monotony from hitting that point where all there is left is to grind base defense/assault missions or machines, or looting sprees. I’ve talked to MANY people who felt that the game, as fun as it can be, suffers from this monotony, and with hardly anything to counter it, just gets boring. Having more events would be a great boon to the game. Players LOVE events that offer both limited time experiences AND limited time items.

So here is some ideas. I used to play an mmo that was Korean made and had events for both Korean holidays and popular western ones like Halloween and Christmas. Keeping in line with the game’s setting, why not events for those two holidays plus a taste of Sweden by having events for Swedish holidays, or maybe even Nordic folklore related events that pertain to Sweden? I, personally, love learning things about other cultures, so I would love to have events to that effect.


Yes, it already is confirmed for 30th or 31st of october. (Last weeks Stream)

Love the lore. I’m still playing No Man’s Sky event 11 10 years on even after Starfield because I’d rather have an eye-watering psychedelic mess instead of a gritty realistic environment. And the drip feed dlc keeps coming.
Events tied to elite progression in GZ would truly help new players enjoy the subtleties of stealth and trap mechanics as opposed to the free-for-all brawl of multi-player
Apart from new maps and enemy types, the Companion update was truly the best Gen Zero had to offer