This game needs some advertisements

Recently it seems the game is slowly losing players. Of course there are hardcore player like me, and others. Of course reasons of losing players ranges from didn’t like the game to, game breaking bugs. But if we get more players we can get more feedback, and if GZ made enough money it could hopefully last a long time. Or maybe when it does end, we could get a sequel or a game in the same universe as GZ. Of course to make it known we would have to clean out most of the bugs first, and maybe sponsor some yt gaming channels. And also a sale with all the DLC’s included. Though recently I have seen some new players, it would be great if this game was more popular.


Exactly what I was talking to one of the devs about yesterday. It would certainly be cool to see some PR actions, giveaways or the like

Yeah. that would be really cool if we had more players.

Personally, this is one of my favorite games and i have more than 100 hours, but 2 months waiting for a patch to fix the machines weapons bugs was too much and many put the game aside or abandoned it and moved on.
Even now that the patch came, half (or more than half) of the costumers are still waiting, the console players, so it´s normal.
I think as soon as the console patch and DLC is available they should promote the game a bit and have a sale.

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Yeah. And after we need some Heavy bug fix patches.


I think some ignorant console players (unlike myself) have not read through the patch notes and are going WTF i’m otta here devs have ditched us. Which is 100% wrong.

Seems so. I hope we can get some new players though. I have seen a couple.

My personal opinion is that there are more players actually playing GZ than we know of. An example is myself; I’ve been playing for months but normally just lurk in the forum reading everyone’s posts. I usually don’t post.



For example, i didn’t join forums from the beginning either. Only after i found a major bug in the game, i joined forums to report it (which got fixed with the next update as well). Before that, i was playing GZ for 8 months already.

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I still think we could use some new players.

I often feel this game was Beta tested with 2D glasses on. Advertising is a big opportunity missed.

If they could get it on Games Pass it would go a long way to increasing the player base. I have a few friends who would give the game a go but are unsure enough to not want to shell out for it.

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I would hate to see the game loose the touch it has with the developers. Once they have difficulty settings ironed out with more softer options so more casual gamers can play, while keeping hard options like an April 2020 difficulty option for those like me that like it, more and more people would come to the game. One of the things I have noticed in other forums are people scared of the game because reviews said it was too hard. Nothing is better than the free advertising of positive reviews, and I would love to see more positive reviews from people that feel the game is just right for them.

I’m from ps4. I bought the game in April but didn’t start it because I was finishing another one (Far Cry New Dawn). and when I was going to start it, I saw in the forums the difficulty problems I had. and decided to wait a bit to start it. It’s been 2 months and I still don’t try it … do I keep waiting or do I start The Last of Us 2? … I give it a week. if not i start with ellie

the patch comes early June for you guys. go ahead and wait