This is a great game! but needs some tweaks

This game has so much potential! i love the environment, and the whole 80´s theme. But it need som tweaks as i mentioned. The details makes the game! (atleast for me) :wink:

  1. this is a 2019´s game! you really should see your own refflection in mirrors.

  2. I should be able to shoot through windows.

  3. i know you can´t make every house uniqe, but you could atleast make 5 or 6 different layouts. now it´s just copy paste houses. i dont get the feels man! i relay dont whant to search houses beacuse it´s just the same experience as the first house i went into. u get tired of it, fast.

  4. i just cant handle the whole situation with ammo. to get more ammo in my weapons, i first need to empty my weapon of all ammo, and then restock the same ammo in my inventory, and then back into the weapon… whats up with that?

Beside all that, and some minor bugs, this is a great game and i do enjoy it!

Thank you


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I disagree on seeing your reflection in mirrors, there really is no point since you can look at your character with dance moves as well as on your profile to swap out clothes, it only adds more coding into the game that isnt needed when you want a system to be runnable by everyone. sure it might not take much to code it in, but if you put all little details like that in that serves no real purpose, its just a waste and could be harder for systems to run.

windows is really weird… sometimes i can shoot through them and other times i cant but the enemies have no problems doing so. they even get aggravated looking at you through a window so… stay low.

there is quite a few missing things in game that i know they’re working on so maybe eventually down the road they may implement different layouts. but for now at least you know where the loot would potentially be.

also ammo is a bit weird too. dont forget that there is also different types of the same kind, i wasnt able to load in the ammo a gun needed that wasnt in my hot keys one time but later on was able to.

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wel it cant be that demanding to implement considering a game from 1995 has it :slight_smile: it´s not a big deal of course. but i would make a great detail. thats all.

yeah it´s really wierd and somtimes frustrating. but as you say, it´s just the beginning.

yeah i know there is diferent types of the same ammo, but i have this problem regardless. i only whant to adress it.

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maybe later it might be something added, for now they should work on performance and control issues since i have to turn most of my graphics to low just so i dont have that skipping affect, and or fix the missions system and not be so bland

Yes, i totaly agree with you. and i do think thats were the focus is. But this is the Feedback/Feature Request part of the forum :wink:

But as i said, this is at great game and i do enjoy it. just added somthing to the wish list and some feedback

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Atmospheric, the game is very good. But unfortunately it is more of a “walking simulator with action elements” at the moment. I wish for the Singelplayer Campaign NPC’s, assigning tasks, a housing system and above all a better story. The intro explains well why you can find ammo and equipment everywhere, but when you log out and log in again, these things are back … The storage system and the loot management also needs an improvement. Great potential, not much fun. That’s my conclusion.

Good potential but who is going to keep playing a game after it crashes and all your saved data is lost?