This is actually hilarious but also kind of sad

so after I lost my maxed primary and support augmentations on my favorite weapon I decided to install a mod that would allow me to just get my resources back and I did manage to find one and it has worked pretty well so far.

but I find this absolutely hilarious​:laughing::rofl: I maxed out on multiple weapons and just put them in my stash and guess what?? over half! of them just lost their augmentations shortly after.

this tells me that if I played this game still legit? I would have lost other maxed out weapons sooner or later and that’s f****** sad! and so terrible but also extremely funny?! that I find out augmentations is worthless because you will just waste all you resources on that one weapon unless you carry that weapon all the time on you.

like you could live fine of just the cheapest augmentations? and then you wouldn’t really lose anything? even if you for example use uranium because it’s only 3 you lose.

but that’s still such a terrible taste in my mouth the taste of all those resources gone and if I didn’t have mods for example if I played on console this is just what I would have to live with…

anyway I’ve also come to a conclusion even with now virtually infinite resources in regards to weapon parts, I’m not gonna waste time augmenting every f****** weapon every f****** time! I lose it.

so this tells me experimental weapons are just straight up better? because their effects don’t randomly disappear just by putting them in an inventory

You should now hope that the mod(s) don’t affect your game negatively in other ways, as mods aren’t officially supported.

The main topic, issues with the augmentations, is an often reported Problem since the introduction.
Sadly there was the holiday shortly after this update.

Let’s hope that it will be fixed with the next patch.
Any news regarding that?

Store All in Catergory button is a nasty glitch :sob: it’s to bad there’s not a konami code that can be used at the augmentations screen :cold_sweat: to get all those augmentations back, lost to the plundra glitch