This needs attention, Internet servers

You could try to be nicer if you’re going to offer feedback and expect answers, especially from the developers. So please, enough with the capslock words, it’s not doing you any favours.

Perfectly clear, a proper server browser and a system for dedicated servers.
If that can be supported I don’t know but I know it’s something that has been requested before.

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Oh, sorry if I hurt your feelings, but you kinda started with my so called misguided rant…
I was serious, and I only (CAPS LOCK) stipulated the fact that I hoped that I was really clear, so no offense on my part, it was not my way…
So, no hard feelings here…

I do not think a server system will be implemented, sir.
For one, far too costly.
Otherwise: that would require to rebuild a fairly large proportion of the game to get it as server, I think.

Further on: this game never was intended for such usage, and I do not know if the engine could take that abuse…

No harm done, then.

I would actually not mind a server browser myself, it seems like that is something that’s becoming rarer these days. As to if it can be implemented, I’d like to see it happen, but who knows.

I think you are mistaken about the gravity of the game, as long as it runs on your computer, and you enter my multiplayer game, it only sends small packages of data, not the whole world… but, I might be wrong, seeing all other network games, graphical very heavy ones run smooth too, so, I still think it would raise the interest in this game, and not what it is now…

From the topic, where all the requests are, that ask the change of matchmaking system, comes this reply:

Nice analogy. Maybe the answer is not to add support for server, but to redesign the save game system. Use slots for game progress instead of player progress. Just keep the way it is right now, but when selecting a player add an extra menu for a bunch of slots for game progress.

That way you can create and start a new game with an existing player. Not only more interesting for co-op but also if you just want to start reading the book at the first page again.

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To put it bluntly; i finished the story (main+sidequests) within the first 100 hours or so of gameplay.
I have now over 600 hours under my belt and im still going back for more…
Perhaps not every day, but its still my favourite game, second only to Fallout New Vegas.

I agree that the matchmaking system needs some polishing, perhaps even a “game browser” to list currently active game worlds and the users (and their levels and perhaps even current mission) in them.
But even as things are at the moment, i rather jump into random strangers games than play solo, helping out with their story or just sidekicking some shiny metal gluteus maximus in good company…
It doesnt even matter to me if we´re doing missions, the atmosphere in this game and friendly attitude between (most) players is hard to find in other games, mostly due to non-PvP.
The best moments in this game has mostly been in multiplayer and some are not even related to the story or the robots in the game. (Example 1: gas canisters go boom!)

I do agree that a “story reset button” would be nice while still keeping your stuff/achievements, but i see the “find game” feature as a “story randomizer”, you´ll never know what mission is next when you click that button. :slight_smile:

No game is for everyone, its impossible.
There is no way of making a game that every single player loves without reservations, nor adding everything that every player can conceive.

As a final note; this game is for me! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

This game is very good yes, but at least what you said

that would be a starter for one, I started a new player, and tried to go from there and find material to defend myself without grabbing from the stored items, and there is where the game has a dull moment, I can’t throw bullets at robots, they shoot through all kinda walls and playing like 1 hour to find any weapon and matching ammo… was a total miss… I ended up getting killed, over and over… So, seeing all the items being used up, hidden somewhere or simply not present anymore, it shows a lack of potential… This can be altered, like robots that get zipped out of the sky (still do not know the names of all of them)(not that I am nott interested, the names are far less interesting than the approach I need for it) and violently killing, or at least try, and then the sum of ammo… This game should work around principles, on the computer side it lacks totally of those. Seeing human players run from a to b towards z to find ammo etc, and every robot has unlimited amounts of them…
Did anyone think that in RL ammo was also unlimited for the enemy?

When making a server, it can change these politics, the close combat sprees are unlimited, but the weaponized material should be not. This should go in any game, let them also retreat to refill their ammo…

Enough said, to the makers: Please consider these thoughts, please…

You could drop some equipment from your main savefile for a friend to hold on to while you reset your save file.
Then your friend can drop your equipment for you to pick up as a fresh level1-character.

That has been the plan for me anyways, but im not really into the idea anymore since ive picked up way to many unique items and clothes, that arent really available in the game anymore…

When you speak of a Server, I thought you meant a static beast like most other online games have, sir…

And no, correct.
It are small packages, indeed.
But if you want to run a static miniserver yourself, dedicated…
I think that could be possible…

I THINK that would require quite a bit of coding, not to mention anti cheat programs, control system (console maybe), lobby, …, which also would requite a heap of coding, or money if say the AC is bought/rented.

What makes the game so awesome for you, sir?

Clothing, progress like achievements and challenges should be able to be saved as well, if one opts for it.
Plundra comes to mind, seperate tabs like “Clothing”, “Challenges”, …
This way you could drag what you want to keep to the plundra, delete all characters, and then begin anew… without losing what you wanted to keep…

I was talking about resetting the story line, witch will not happen if you only create a new character.
As far as i understand things, anything short of new save file will not reset the story line.


New vegas was awesome for so many reasons, the storyline and npc interactions were just marvelous, as well as the fight mechanics and enemy AI.
Exploring the game world was exciting and the atmosphere was just breathtaking.

The mod community created new life for the game, witch still makes it interesting for me to install and play it from time to time…

And sure, im a post-apocalyptic scifi-nerd witch most definitely “clouds my judgement” a bit… :stuck_out_tongue:

Delete all characters: voila, new story line!!!
But you KEEP plundra, sir.

The only way to not keep plundra is delete all in there or delete save.

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I feel like this thread is derailing, please stay on topic or create a new one :slight_smile: This is about OP wanting a “server list” so they can choose who to join

Sorry, good sir, only responding to certain points…


OP wants a server… not a listing of servers, as I said clearly, there are none.
A stand-alone PC where a piece of software runs that can host several GZ players to play together.
This way the server owner can adjust certain things like weapons re-spawn or something like that, to make the game not loose focus.
Simply as I said, look at Minecraft, it is a game and there is a vanilla server and some flavors like Spigot, Paper and so on to make the game more appealing.
I also said that it was like months ago I played it, and the fact that there is nothing changed on that level, tells a lot.

I also said that when I went in clean, in my 98% played world, I could not find any weapon.

I hope I made things more clear, this way we can
A) play more often - online, and
B) the game keeps interesting for the buyers and the creators who now can flourish this game in another dimension.

It’s not a dealbreaker for me but is server browser would be cool

If it was a thing, I could host a dedicated server back home, and leave it on for people to play on 24/7 :smile:

So basically kind of a new game plus type feature I could definitely get down with that

You can have that discussion in this topic Please add "New Game" and not here.