This poll will have your two top choices for which weapon you think is best

  • AI-76
  • Kpist
  • Algudstare hunting rifle
  • Meusser hunting rifle
  • 12G Pump Shotgun
  • HP5
  • PVG 90
  • AG 4
  • AG 5
  • KVM 59
  • KVM 89
  • GRG
  • RLG-7
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Not really a fair poll, some of us use more than just 2 weapons. And due to many hours playing, have favorite weapons for the combat or objective. And because of the different battles that can happen, the throwables would have to be included in the favorites too and considered as weapons.

I voted but under protest due to limited choices.

I cannot change it. I did not add throwables since they are not weapons. I see where you are coming from since we use more than two weapons during a game, I just wanted to specify are favorite weapons out of them all.

I am sorry for the inconvenience.

What, no Skorpion, no PKM, no Mosin-Nagant?

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I almost would have said, that there are just base game weapons, but the rlg7 is a DLC weapon, too.

There are missing some more. (Even base game weapons)

  • Sjöqvist
  • möller
  • com-10
  • n16
  • n9
  • klauke
  • magnus
  • volkov
  • vosa
  • at-wad
  • kotenok
  • s21
  • vintovka
  • n60
  • pm-71
  • g79
  • bow
  • flamethrower
  • and all melee weapons

Despite that my choice wouldn’t have been different.
I just used the DLC weapons too less until now, maybe with some augmentations they could be some really good options, like the rlg7 with structure destruction.

Yes I did exclude some weapons, because I do think that the AI-76 and the RLG-7 are the most used DLC weapons. I don’t think the moller pp would have had many votes but I probably should have included it.

The AI-76 isn’t a DLC weapon.

  • Algudstare hunting rifle
  • Meusser hunting rifle

The COM-10 is excellent up close. Not as good as a K-Pistol or experimental K-Pistol at range, but pretty good up close.

The PM-71 is the best of the belt-fed MGs, except for maybe the experimental KVM-59. Base damage is highest of all belt-feds, and you can use shock ammo, so I think the PM-71 can rival the experimental KVM-59 easily. Pretty good even without experimental ammo thrown into the mix.

If you like/use the normal Klaucke at all, the N9 is roughly just as good. If you like the western gunslinger twirl, the N9 takes the win there. If you don’t like the gunslinger bit, you can crouch and I think that’ll cancel the twirl part of the draw animation. I might need to check that again, ammo changes and all.

The Vosa works great on Runners. Just have to be sure you can actually hit it solidly, go for the fuel tank. Small magazine size holds it back, but it seems to handle very well. Extended magazine should have gone to 30, not 20—20 should have been like the 3C or 4C magazine upgrade, 5C magazine upgrade should’ve been 30.

The RLG is pretty great, even without augmentation. Structure Destructor will help level bases even faster, though, sure.

If you use EMP rounds regularly against Tanks, Harvesters, Wolves, any other ground-type enemies, I’m pretty sure the G79 is faster to reload than the 84mm recoilless rifle. Area of effect might not be as large around, though, so 84mm EMP is better against groups if they’re spread out more. More arc to the trajectory of 40mm low velocity shells compared to the 84mm’s higher velocity shells, so aiming the G79 can be tougher. I suggest always firing it from the hip, forget the irons, same for the experimental .270.

If you use a .243 or a .270, the Vintovka is arguably better. More damage, more common ammo, higher or equal magazine capacity, and still can take a silencer and variety of scopes, despite how goofy it looks kitted out like that. Only downside, maybe, is the reload speed. Fire all five rounds/full magazine, the stripper clip reload is faster than thumbing in loose rounds. I think the loose round reload can be canceled part-way through, just like with the shotguns, though. I’ll have to check that again…

But, yeah. With the thread/poll being about BEST weapons, there are a lot of items on the list that are immediately out. As much as I love the Skorpion, it isn’t anywhere near “best.” Across the whole community, there probably ought to be a very small number of weapons that get almost all the votes—and they are the ones at the top of the list, as of the moment of posting.

PVG 90 (EXP), AG4 (EXP), K-Pistol (EXP), AI76 (5C), KVM-59 (EXP).

Take away the experimental part of it, and I would expect that the AG4 would fall behind. Without the experimental part of it, it is underpowered. The AI76 would overtake it, in a flash. Same damage, ten more rounds plus, no contest, AI76 would move up.

KVM-59 isn’t bad, whether experimental or not. Minus the experimental part, though, the N60 is roughly equal and the PM71 beats it. K-pistol is good either way, experimental or not—magazine capacity beats the MP5, though the MP5 might handle a bit better.

The RLG seems stronger than the 84mm, but the 84mm ammo is more common in general. Slightly more damage per shot, or more ammo to take more shots and do more damage with—you decide. RLG’s scope does make hitting targets farther away a bit easier, though, which is nice.

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Let me add—not only does the RLG get a unique optical sight, but it can also accept a vision module. At least, on XB.

I think if you set the filter to “suitable weapons - RLG” when looking at your stash of attachments, the RLG’s list does NOT include vision modules, as if they aren’t supposed to be compatible…but if you mount the RLG’s scope and then try to select the vision module slot, you CAN mount the vision module.

Interestingly enough, it mounts the vision module to the RIGHT of the optical sight for the RLG, which keeps it nicely out of the way. I think every other weapon, the vision modules mount to the LEFT of the optics, hanging out right there in front of you, all up in your face and in the way…which would explain why I refuse to use vision modules on my weapons, instead only mounting one to my binoculars. The RLG, I might make an exception for because of this…

I don’t think the different mounting position for a vision module on the RLG is a glitch, caused by the offset nature of the RLG’s optics compared to the top/centerline mounting an ordinary weapon’s scope, but is instead a deliberate feature. I say it isn’t a glitch, because the typical wiring and such to integrate the vision module into the scope is not just present for the RLG, but that it is routed in the correct direction. It doesn’t just have the wires and mounting brackets hanging off to the RIGHT where an ordinary weapon’s scope would be, but instead the mounting wraps around the front of the RLG’s optical sight, and the wires from the vision module route to the LEFT, to connect ‘properly’ to the RLG’s unique optic. That is, the vision module doesn’t just glitchily float in the air alongside the RLG’s optic, but it is indeed ‘connected’ instead… It probably should’ve been mounted a little further to the rear, even front and back with the optic, but it is at least connected.

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