This weeks resistance mission Klinte house

For the life of me i am stumped …i cannot figure out a way inside the dang Klinte house for the resistance drop it says both doors are blocked from the inside i threw grenades shot at the door tried throwing grenades throw kitchen windows lol nothing how do i get in …everthing too high up etc no clue … please help :smiley:

Your house configuration probably has locks, and not a wood barricade.

Locks are small and need a direct hit. Mostly you will find chests around the house where you can stand on and use them to get and better aim to shoot the lock.

I once had a house, not at klinte, where I had to interact with a pile of books. An explosive charge was placed then and a few seconds later it exploded and there was an open door behind that pile.

Yesterday I had a few boards nailed behind the front door in the Klinte House. For tasks like this I always use the 50 caliber. I’ve had the best experience with it to solve such things quickly.

You have to shoot through one of the windows , it worked for me.
However it did not work to Spam rockets and grenades and LMG fire for some reason.

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Thank you good tip and keep on hunting whoooo skyfire ! love gen zeee

Other times spaming rockets and grenades actually works, so its a trial and error situation.