Thoughts for the new Weapon Augmentation

First off, I love that you guys are thinking about stuff like this! It really gives more reason to be out there destroying machines to modify these weapons further! Thank you so much for that! :clap::clap::clap:

So far it’s been great and I haven’t personally ran into issues. But I do have some requests if anyone would mind looking at them and see if anyone else agrees.

  1. Prone Specialization: I believe this should be a “Support” augment rather than “Primary”. To me its like ‘Crouching Tiger’ in how it works by your stance, not to do with anything about the construct of the weapon. - If I’m making sense.

  2. Sharp Shooter: To me it’s not very clear on how the damage is to be understood. I understand that Long Range is obviously more damage and Close Range is lower damage. But the information details just says Extra Damage and Damage Reduction. I’m thinking it should specify Long Range vs Short Range. Unless I’m not understanding what that means and I very well may not be.

  3. I didn’t notice any augment that specializes against Hunters! Titan Toppler is for Harvesters, Tanks, Wolves, Firebirds, and Reapers. While Small Fryer is for Runners, Ticks, and Lynx. Is there an augment for the Hunters? Is it one of the ones I’ve mentioned and it just wasn’t highlighted in the details?

Last note, this more of just a request. Could there be a way to name our weapons ourselves after augmenting them? The little icons are nice, but they’re easy for me to forget what each one means. So being able to name the weapon like, “Base Killer,” would remind me, this is what I need for a base! It’s not necessary, but boy would it be awesome for that!

Again, thank you all and keep up the fight!!

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The way I have been modding my weapons is what I have been using them for before mods. Like I use the RPG for base destroying, so it gets the mod that helps do that.
I increased the mag size for my KVM 59, I use it for crowd control and the swarms of machines.

They have been used for those tasks for a long time and so easy to know what mods they have because of their use.


I guess, I kind of do that. I was just thinking it was a nice extra step, if the weapons are close in similarity. Obviously the RPG is different from the KVM. So that definitely works there. But when I have like KVM and the PM71, in a rush, there somewhat similar. Or I could have 2 of the same weapon, but one is just for the Small Frys and the other could be for the Tank Toppler.

Having the option to name them isn’t necessary, as I pretty well use a setup like your suggesting now. I just thought it would help for in the future for weapons that may be of the same caliber, but augmented differently. :grin::+1:

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