Thoughts on console issues


Just thinking about the issues cropping up with xbox and ps4. One thing that I haven’t heard mentioned is the age of the consoles having issues.
I have a fairly new ps4, 2019, and have experienced very few issues with GZ.
After all, supply lines update their components as the technology advances. This could lead to consoles with the same specs but internally, component wise, be different.
It would be interesting to also collect the age of the consoles having issues.
Just a thought.


Asking for age of consoles doesn’t do any good since while you might have purchased your console in 2019, with an assumption that it was also produced in 2019 or 2018, it still is manufactured using the same old hardware from 2013, when it was initially released, to match the specs.

For PS4, it is:
CPU: AMD Jaguar architecture APU
GPU: AMD Radeon CGN 2nd gen
Storage: 2.5" HDD (500GB, 1TB or 2TB)
2nd CPU: ARM (with it’s own 256 MiB of RAM)

Even the PS4 Pro isn’t any different from regular PS4. They both have same, old hardware in them, with a difference that on PS4 Pro, the CPU and GPU frequencies are clocked a bit higher, to give PS4 Pro a bit more “oomph”.


That’s broadly true, but I think you’re missing his/her point here.

Both consoles go through various internal iterations as production costs drop. While the specification doesn’t change over time (aside from the introduction of the ‘Pro’ models) the internals of a launch PS4 / XB1 will be very different to a later model due to die shrinkage and improved cooling.

I.e. Newer PS4 models are more energy efficient and have better cooling. My launch PS4 Pro sounds like jet engine but the latest revisions are a lot quieter.

Having said all that, I’m not sure how much difference it makes; I’ve seen GZ crash brand new consoles.


That equals to a completely new CPU/GPU die with new architecture (e.g 22nm Haswell -> 14nm Skylake), which newer PS4s does not use. All PS4s are still using 28nm Liverpool APU, regardless the manufacturing date.

Better energy efficiency is only achieved by better PSU. CPU/GPU and all other hardware still consume the same amount of power.

As for better cooling, that can be achieved in two ways: either the PS4 chassis is redesigned to allow better airflow (which it hasn’t) or there are better fans in it (which is possible).

Did your launch day PS4 Pro sounded like a jet engine when you 1st got it? Or is the noise increased during usage years?


@obiw4nshinobi Most likely needs new thermal paste.

Edit: and a good cleaning :slight_smile:


OK, look, people: Hardware updates over time or not, the issues are software based.
It are not the upgrades or not that bugs the game, it should be, upgraded or not, be compatible to their older, unupgraded counterparts.
This is a simple fact, I would think, no?

The team, the whole team, and nothing but the team, should focus on this, and hold all else in pause.

Maybe, just MAYBE, if the Gods of PS4 allow it, they could reach out and pray that the PS4 folks reach out to give them a hand…?
Merely thinking (read: hoping) out loud.


It’s a known issue with the PS4, particularly the launch PS4 and PS4 Pro. I’ve yet to see or hear a quiet PS4, mine and that of all of my friends are all loud, especially when compared to an XB1S / XB1X

It’s been like that from day one. It’s ever so slightly quieter than my original PS4 which I swapped at launch thinking it was faulty. But, the replacement had the same issue, and all my mates consoles were the same so I just lived with it. I.e. used it for Uncharted and Drive Club only. :wink:

My PS4 and Pro combined have probably been used for less than 50hrs in their entire life, due to how bloody noisy they are.

And yes, they’re cleaned regularly with plenty of ventilation, in a pet & smoke free home. I can’t even remember when I last used it. Probably when Spider-Man came out, but I can’t stand the noise & don’t like wearing headphones. Easier just to not use it.

Regarding the OG post about early models, over it’s life the PS4 has had a range of revisions, but the major ones are the;


The CUH-12xx series changed the way the RAM was configured, and the 20xx was the Slim which changed a fair few things internally but all of these feature varying changes including audio hardware / USB interface / Bluetooth changes / networking & WiFi changes. Plus different PSUs and changes to the way the cooling works.

Within each of those iterations there are further minor revisions with different HDDs / capacity / chassis design.

The PS4 Pro has had 3 hardware revisions in its life.


Each iteration had a different PSU and cooling solution with different profiles re: fan speeds / temperature regulation. The OG Pro (CUH-7000) draws slightly more power and runs cooler, with more aggressive fans.

The 2 further iterations have different fans and run hotter but quieter.

More information here, and a discussion of the fan volume problem.

So, in summary, I don’t think it was such a stretch that the original post was querying if issues might be related to a specific revision of the PS4.


If you ever do a break down, try Thermal Grizzly on it. It has kept my PS4 pro from sounding like a turbine. I had changed it after owning it a year when I heard people did similar with great results. The original was already dried and almost just powder. The downside is this paste does use metal so you can’t drip a drop on the board. Can always try arctic silver to be more safe!


Thanks for the recommendations.

I don’t use it enough to warrant the effort, plus the PS5 & XBSX will be along shortly, providing my pre-orders don’t get cancelled!

Personally, I use Arctic Silver generally. I recently stripped down an XB1X and replaced the paste there, plus I use it in my Mac Pro, but I’ll take a look at Thermal Grizzly for my next upgrade.


Still, does not change this fact:

, correct?
If I am wrong here, please DO tell…


I don’t think it’s hardware related personally. The bugs exist across all versions of the game on all formats (in one form or another) but it’s entirely possible that specific versions of console hardware are more susceptible.

If there’s an issue behind the scenes that causes an infinite loop, or a spike in CPU activity, then in theory, a system with less efficient cooling would increase CPU temp and cause a shutdown quicker than one with better cooling.

From my experience PS4 crashes often result in a blue screen or a full crash. Whereas the Xbox tends to crash to desktop, although I’ve had it cause a full system shutdown.

So, while the underlying bugs aren’t related to hardware specifically it’s plausible that certain hardware set-ups might crash sooner.

It’s all conjecture, only the devs know for sure.


Well, all forms of data, sir, be it a picture, a text, a program, is ultimately hardware related.
It ventures through a processor, memory, …, to end up on screen, sir.

But this does not change the fact, that the upgrades, if these took place, will be 100% compatible to its predecessor hardware.
I mean, imagine it was not…
That would be pure suicide for PS…


I meant “hardware specific” rather than related. I.e. the bug isn’t because it’s running on a PlayStation / PC / Xbox. The bug is in the software but how it manifests to the end user could differ based on the hardware it’s running on.

I’ve got nearly 20 years in software development and seen some very strange bugs over the years. Anything is possible! :wink:


Sir, I am not following…
The hardware structure of PS, XBOX and PC are for each type different.
Therefore, a silly error (example a machine in the ground) on PC might not be an issue for PS while it kills the game totally on XBOX for whatever reason.

Now, we spoke of a bug for some PS4, not all of them.
Which is a strange phenomena.
One would expect that if it works for one, it would work for all the PS4, as these are “the same hardware structure”, whether or not some chip for instance is replaced with a younger version.
That the issue is software related is logical, but as the hardware is still the same since years, even if some things are a younger version.
It would not make sense to use a say chip that’s not the same in structure, as this would lead to issues.

Also, sir, I could be wrong, but it seems only GZ is affected, not other games…?


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