Thoughts on FNIX Rising content (just completed it) [Spoiler warning, for you thread on my dreams]

Before anything, I am on PC, and I cannot speak for consoles.
I say this, because on PS4, machines seem to be more fun…

Let’s start:
As miss Aesyle said in a different post: when you come from Hjimfall (SP), the machines just are silly beyond anything, not measuring up to what you saw on said isle.
One of my main issues with FR is the simple fact, the FNIX is hardly there.

I ran into Proto machines, into Military, into Apoc even, but FNIX overall was just missing.

For a DLC called FNIX Rising, I figured the machines would be much more, if basically not ALL, FNIX or higher.
Especially, since you’re targetting one of the main AI sites.

“FNIX will throw everything at you.”
Still trying to find out just where this was…

Sure, I engaged the machines from distance, I used cover where I could, my main weapon was my brain.
Tactics will prevail if implied good.

But the many lower grade machines especially was a downside for me.
Hoped for a more epic battle, since it was FNIX that was targetted.

The story was quite good, the game itself is great, just the enemy lack difficulty.
Mostly due to them doing always the same, which is just boring after a while.

Heading back to Hjimfall… slightly more fun there, battle wise. :slight_smile:


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I’ve edited the title a bit, so we don’t get yet another thread about technicalities. Hope that’s okay.

FNIX Rising is a bit on the lighter side content wise, sure. But at the same time I think it works well as an indicator towards what the future is likely to become, with FNIX starting to conquer more territory. A larger and more funded developer could probably have created something grander, though what’s been done so far looks like it works well with what story the devs are trying to tell.

Gameplay wise it’s been mixed up a bit. You’ll encounter Hunters with more varied weaponry; like Proto Hunters with gas grenades and sniper rifles, for example. Or the new Harvester which becomes a royal pain when he starts spawning in Apoc Hunters as backup.

Might want to try Guerilla if it’s too easy for you, and seek some harder fights :slight_smile:


OH, marvelous, sir, thank you! :slight_smile:

Also, I am playing “Gorilla mode”, with Scaling on, sir. :slight_smile:

I cannot wait for a new DLC, really…
I love the game SO much…

I know, I nag about issues, but thing is: the game, despite the issues, is just magnificent.
Too easy for my taste, but still such fun…

If only they could release DLC’s every two weeks, lmao!

When i played through FNIX Rising, i saw several inconsistencies within the game.
Few examples:

Many of FNIX structures (outposts) are guarded by Prototype class of machines.
This is inconsistent to the threat level of South Coast since before FNIX Rising, Northern part of South Coast was populated by Military class of machines while anything South from Minker was populated by FNIX class of machines.
Moreover, given that FNIX structures are of great importance to FNIX, seeing Prototype guarding them, feels way off. At bare minimum i’d expect to see Military class guarding and at bigger structures, some or only FNIX class guards with some Apocalypse class mixed in.

During the “Piece by Piece” main mission, you have to destroy 3 tanks to collect armor plating from them.
Thing is, once you pick the armor plating up and view them in your Log menu, they all say that you have collected them from FNIX class of tanks. But reality is, that you collected them from any other tank than FNIX class. From one Prototype and two Military ones.

At the beginning of “Good Night” main mission, you’ll fight with lvl4 Rival: “EBBA v.2.0 - The Ever-Evolving One”.
Love the name. However, i didn’t see the “ever-evolving” part of it. It would’ve been nice if it would’ve evolved during the battle into something else, e.g into Apocalypse tank or perhaps into even the “Reaper” tank (the one seen standing in FOA4).

Other than that, it was fun playing through and above examples are minor issues. :slightly_smiling_face:

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That is so well and detailed put, miss!!!
Thank you.

And yes, for the FNIX rising part, all machines IMHO (up until the end, the end titling) should have been replaced by FNIX or higher where applicable.
Moreover, the amount of machines, considering we went for one of the so many FNIX AI Centres, was just unacceptably low.
As I stated before: “Fnix will throw EVERYTHING at you…”???
Come on FNIX, you surely can do better, no?

If not, shame on you, count me in to pull “yer plug”.

Well, gonna do that anyway, whether you get a grasp on yourself and finally will put up a wee fight or not. :stuck_out_tongue:

Added SPOILER warning.
I hope that is OK, sir?

Yes, very subtle spoiler warning there, Xog. But, it gets the job done :smile:

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I hope so, sir Xezr, I hope so. XD