Thread - longest you survived till first downed

Can anyone remember the name of the thread where people were discussing how far they made it in-game before they got downed for the first time? I’ve started from the beginning again and thought I’d give it a go and see how I stack up :laughing:

I have lived for about 2-3 months now without getting downed. I found that using smoke rocket shells at your feet is a effective smoke bomb allowing you to run away easy.

Search the forum for Xezr’s hardcore challenge.

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My first time I made it to Saltholman(?) Naval Base, where in retrospect I think I met a rocket Dog - it just blasted me so often that I couldn’t med-up fast enough, and couldn’t see it! The second time was exiting that horrible bunker (Vessian?) where I was having a long-range sniping fight with machines at the bottom of the hill and suddenly turned round and there were fifteen machines just behind me!

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