Threat level and score not going up

So I have been trying to increase the Farmlands region threat level and score for quite some time so as to get a chance to spawn a Reaper, but it seems to be stuck at level 25 with a score of 21981. I have continued hunting various machines for so many days and I even took out a rival and got it to max level, but for some reason the threat score and level do not increase beyond what I reported above. Can someone help me understand why this is so?

The score is 25. It cannot go higher.

For a reaper, you also need to make sure htere is less than 8 rivals in that region.

The reaper has a chance to spawn after a fight if there is less than 8 rivals an at least a score of 21.


Oh, I already have 8 rivals. I was under the impression that my score needs to be over 22K. Will try for the reaper now. Thanks a lot


I like to keep my Farmland between 21 and below 25. Zero rivals and if one spawns it is destroyed asap. Then about 2 hours to spawn another rival or, hopefully, a reaper. After you get region to level 21, or above, you don’t have to destroy to many machines to spawn one or the other in that region. Destroying rivals as soon as they spawn seems to help keep the region active with machines. At times very active with mega battles with all machines coming into play.

Since this is working as intended, I’ll tag 'n close this report.

Happy hunting!