Threat Level remains after world reset

I started playing the game with my son earlier and deleted both world 4 and character 4 so I could start afresh. I noticed after getting to Iboholmen church that there were 3 rivals in the Archipelago region. I figured I may not have reset the world correctly so I went back and deleted both the world and character again, but the rivals are still there as is the threat level.

Maybe @Indominus-J knows how this should work.

I wouldnt say i know how this works, and seeing as the thread is over a day old. I doubt i can help in a meaningful way, but for any time this issue occurs in the future, most i can suggest is to relaunch the game and see if it corrects itself as rivals and region stuff should not be transferring from a deleted world to a freshly created world.


Did you try to

  1. Delete 4th world
  2. Load 1st world
  3. Quit the game completly
  4. Restart the game
  5. Create a new 4th world

I’ll give that a go. To be honest this is not even remotely an actual issue for me, I just raised the ticket to point it out to the devs that there might be some state logic that needs checking

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trying to get a region score 25981, and destroy all rivals & base defense as they spawn, :pensive: is impossible, unless I plan on never playing in that region again, I tried it before, but, rivals keep on spawning, and, so I tried in reverse, no luck there either, so I have funny :upside_down_face: numbers all over my map, having OCD and trying to have a perfect clean map, owell, lol