Three oddly random glitches

Platform: PC-Steam

1: RLG-7 scope, while equipped, turns invisible when scoping in. Weapon held in same position as if scope was still attached.
2: RLG-7 scope 2.7 seems to randomly show “tech view” when scoping into any enemy.
3: Upon first opening of enemy’s inventory after destruction, loot moved to player inventory vanishes. Cant replicate as it happens irregularly.

Steps To Reproduce: RLG-7 scope vanishing bug: die then scope in. Sometimes doesn’t even require that.
RLG-7 scope “tech view” bug: Scope in on enemy in differing positions in relation to bot’s location.

Images / Videos: N/A

Host or Client: Host

Players in your game: 1

Specifications: N/A

Does it happen with any quality of RLG and the scope or just with a specific combination?

My RLG-7 scope acts up when I am using it to destroy fnix bases. Pull it to aim and nothing to look through so you point and click. Just figured it was part of the control point bringing my game down more. Figured if the Devs would just add a toggle to turn the control points on or off a lot of the issues around the control points would also be turned off.