Three Things I Would Pay For In GZ

I want to start by saying I am so glad this game was on sale in the Xbox store & that I did not just read the early reviews (I even wrote a review in the Xbox store) I just love the game it is the co-op/single play I had hoped RD2 would be (yes there are bugs/glitches but this Development seems like they care).

I play/stream theHunterCOTW so I know that this game will have much new content to come some free some not but at a fair price. That said I have three things that I would be willing to pay for in this game if they are even possible.

  1. Unlimited stash in the Command Bunkers that is there single play/co-op host/join.

  2. At Command Bunkers & safe house to be able to heal & team plan meaning that the host map would be able to be seen by others so you can highlight & plan the session or attack.

  3. Severe Weather mode with Blizzard or Torrential Rain that effects the game in many ways.

All three of these for me would be worth spending on.

Thanks For Reading & For Your Time,


I don’t know what impact it would have on performance, but I’d love to see some really harsh weather as well.


I think the weather is supposed to have an effect on how easily some machines can detect tou. I think a really strong and loud storm might make it easier to sneak up on a machine, but it could also make it harder far you to find them.

That would be exactly what I was looking for make it harder In WoTConsole the reduced view range & radio range that would be so immersive. I for one would love it & would pay for that DLC easily. All three of these would be like here let me throw money at you…