Three times too many

Big surprise but yet again the game is unplayable… I can’t even anymore it’s honestly embarrassing at this point. I play on ps4 and ever since alpine unrest my game crashes nearly every five minutes. It’s been well over a month and still no updates or patch or even a word on the matter! How can you possibly expect to gain a community when you patch one thing and a hundred more errors appear. I get it though, truly I do, F-mod is literally the worst engine on the market.
But Its disheartening to see this happen time and time again. What’s worse is when the tiny amount of community you actually have tells of game crashes or bugs and their post is locked down. I do hope this game gets to the standard of a functioning game but I’ll leave my review set low. I just want to know when the game will be playable again…?

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Hey Yodunheim,

Avalanche has acknowledged multiple posts about crash reports happening on multiple platforms. I understand your frustration as it is obviously not intended for the game to behave in this manner. Please look forward to future updates/patches that will improve the stability of the game.

Thanks for being a member of the GZ community!