Throwing the White, Yellow & Red gas cans like grenades

throwing the White, Yellow & Red gas cans like grenades, we can only place them on the ground at the moment

I would like to throw a Yellow Poison gas can at a robot like a grenade

Did you ever (in real life) try to throw a 5kg gas can (like a grenade)?

They are good for traps and trips (to the moon).
Place some next to a few cars, add some mines and a radio and sneak away. Everything else is up to the robots.

Well that’s not everyones playstyle, but it’s great that the game offers it.


You could throw them like a bowling ball. Do they actually roll, especially downhill?

I’ve never actually tried.

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Was thinking this might be possible with the small/medium fuel tanks that drop from enemies. Like how small/medium emp cells are throwable.


a sports ball big enough to hold it, soccer ball not big enough, basketball not big enough, that’s actually a good idea, stick them in somthing that can roll, and tape the basketball up and let it roll

Get your dog companion to launch gas tanks and then shoots at it.

Holy moly my head gave an funny idea :joy:

the gas cans are not that heavy 2 throw, pick up one and throw it at runner 30 feet away, should do the trick