Tick Pod upgrade

So I got the skill perk that allows you to be able to take Ticks and make them your own, but they really don’t do anything. Considering the fact I can only get 1 or 2 from a Hunter or Tank, there is not point in using them as I deployed three after a runner and it made him mad. And they literally have explosives on their backs.

I can not confirm that. I get usually one or two from a hunter and it stacks up to 5. That is enough in my opinion. And one tick is able to kill one runner. The only think I’ve noticed is when you place several next to each other and they run at a target at almost the same time, when the first detonates on it, it will destroy the nearby others too. You can avoid that by placing them a few meters away from each other.
But I’m really happy with that skill. It fun.

I placed them down one by one, on a military Runner. It did nothing.

You really need to swarm them (but make sure you space them out when dropping them)

They also distract the enemy a little which helps a bit.

Ditto. I had that specialization last time I played through. I was very disappointed with it. I’d lay down a couple of ticks, they’d attack anything and barely scratch it, including runners. Runners would take damage, but still require me to shoot them to finish them off. That makes that skill tree pointless to specialize in.

In theory, the ticks as a weapon are a good idea. In practice, I’ve yet to find a single instance where it was actually helpful in game. They don’t do enough damage to actually make that specialization worthwhile. They’re only marginally better than the totally useless smoke grenades. And only in the sense that they don’t impede you. Otherwise, they’re equally worthless.

I know that somebody reported that landing a smoke grenade on a tank will cause any other tank near it to attack, but that seemed a bit strange and was tempted to ask if they meant sticky flares.

I guess smoke grenades may be useful if playing in a group and 3 of the players could be throwing down smoke grenades to cover the other player, but as I play single player I wouldn’t know about that.

Then again I think they underestimated how many single player players there would be.

That’s just it - machines see right through the smoke like it wasn’t there exactly like you can see through it if using IR vision. It has zero effect on the machines. The only thing smoke does is blind players who use them.

I tested them again and they are really not as effective as before. There where 3 runners military class and I used 3 ticks. One for each. As you said I had to shoot them after the hit of the tick. But one of the runners got knocked down for a few sec and rebooted like the effect of emp cells. I’ve never seen that before.

Before the update I could onehit FNIX runners with ticks but now its not possible anymore. In the current state our ticks do not enough damage and the hostile ticks do too much damage.

That’s why i’m disappointed that I spent so much time getting the skill.

I should probably have got Hacker Instead

Hacker is slightly better. I used it effectively a few times, but it really needs some tweaking. The chances of successfully hacking anything of higher difficulty is low at best. And even when your hack is successful, a lot of the time the robot does nothing but stand there confused and never actually fights for you like it’s supposed to. Sometimes it does, but other times, it just stands there until it gets shot at then starts shooting you normally again.

So what what would be a skill I should invest my time in?
( after they fix the 1.05 patch )

This time around, I went up the combat tree for marksman. So far that’s been effective. I think commando would be good for single player. Assuming everything up that tree works right. Last time I got both the tech specs. THis time I focused more on supporting skills (stamina, speed, recharge, etc) and the combat tree.

Really it depends on your play style.

I prefer not to engage in combat unless I have to. I try not to get detected much.

Yeah. I’ve been playing mostly multiplayer this time because my missions are all broken and I can’t really progress any farther. And today’s patch has broken my Uttern Bunker and locked me out of it. That was my last batch of available missions and I can’t get to them now.

So with a group of 2-3, we go in loud and proud guns blazing and tear through robots. Combat is good for that. I wouldn’t pick the combat specs if I primarily played solo.

I’m thinking of getting the Survival skill