Tick Teleporting

Platform: PS4 Pro

Steps to reproduce: stand behind a door with a Tick. ( occurs randomly )

Images/Video: None

Players: Solo

When I was playing the game, I was hiding behind a door when three Ticks suddenly “teleported” through the wall and that made me jump. It occurs randomly and I would like it to be fixed.

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I think this is because they spawn in buildings now, and blatantly pop out of thin air. Here’s a 20 second clip I found on Reddit that does a great job illustrating how they spawn.

Personally, I think the annoying little jerks should be removed from the game entirely, but that’s just me.


I was in a Bunker and I was behind those big green metal doors, then I alerted the Ticks and they “teleported” towards me and I had to kill them.
They were already spawned.

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Ticks are the worst machine in this game by far. Even pre-1.05 they could swipe the air 4-5 feet in front of you and deal a third of your health, like what kind of bullshit is that? If you’re not going to fix the fact that they don’t even need to touch you to damage you, remove them.