Ticks can disappear after a emp from a fuse box in a house

ok so first of all , ha ha i was too close to the fuse box and it knocked me on my butt.
after you have finished laughing …5 seconds … ok, watch video and see how the tick disappears in the house.
im lvl 26 , pc win 10 64bit , 16gig ram 1060 3gb nvidia gtx
house near 1253.128 , -309.544

Dead ticks disappear - this is normal.

understood , i didnt know if it was destroyed by explosion or was disabled by emp , also it vanished in front of players eyes , and also there must be a timeout on dead machines to despawn. this was clearly seconds and may also have been because player was within vicinity. just some thoughts

i have seen this a few times , and it is certainly not a game changing event , but thought it was worth a mention to help the dynamics of the game in the long run.