Tidal Wave mission

Platform : PS5
Mission: Tidal Wave
After I spoke with Veronika, and the mission trigger and asked me to defense the base. Every time I killed few enemies or after the first Wave.
It keeps kicking me out and tell me Corrupted Save Data.
I saw this issue reported back in Aug 21 and Dev still not able to fix this issue?? but they have time to create new DLC and asking for money ?

Keep calm.
The issues reported in 2021 were gone.
Seems to have come back since the latest update.
There are other reports about this mission and another mission of FNIX rising, but I currently don’t know if they already fixed it (or are working at it) for the next update.

Thanks for the information.
Sorry I was a bit fustrated with this game. I tried to do other missions and same thing happen. It keeps crashing on me, totally unplayable at this moment


Try to clear the cache and to play just about 2h in a row.

Most issues should be avoided by this.

Thanks for the information.
After the cache clear, unfortunately still not able to play this mission. This mission still crashes and showed Corrupted Data. After the corrupted data resolve and the mission still crashes
Hope they will fix it soon