Tier 4 in "Road Trip" and "Tug Of War" challenges aren't completing

I completed the mission good night and it’s in my completed missions section but in the challenges for the final bubble of road trip challenge line it isnt completed nor is the final challenge bubble for tug of war challenge line. I’ve finished everything and both should be completed and checked off for the stealthy resistance jacket and pants but neither are done. Is there a way to fix this or has it been looked into at all yet?

Good Night is final main mission of FNIX Rising DLC. However, you can get more side missions if you access the Warboard in Ringfort tunnels and for that, the final challenge tier in Tug Of War is: complete 4 more side missions of FNIX Rising.

As far as Road Trip final challenge tier goes, that should be unlocked once Good Night is completed. If it isn’t, make a proper bug report about it by following READ BEFORE POSTING - How to Make a Bug Report guide.

I finished all the side missions in ringfort and everything. Really only thing I have left to do in game is find all the remaining collectables. I’m on ps4 and saying the good night mission is in my completed missions log but for the fnix rising challenges both road trip and tug of war final challenges still aren’t checked off and finished even though the requirements for completing them have already been done. Trying to see if anyone else has had this problem too other than just the good night quest bugging out to completion.

How many FINX Rising side missions you’ve done?

10 main missions done and 10 side missions done. Warboard at ringfort is empty.

Yup, that’s for sure a bug.

Btw, what is your platform? PC? Xbox? PS4? Since this issue could be platform specific and it helps devs better to troubleshoot the issue if they know your platform.

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I’m on ps4. Hopefully all these bugs are able to get worked on soon. Been a fun game but everything def still needs a lot of work.

Still no luck. Both challenges still not checked off after they’ve been finished in log


As it seems like this is a bug, could you please contact us via support and send us your savegame files? Please refer to this guide - https://support.generationzero.com/hc/en-us/articles/360011592440-How-to-send-your-save-files-to-support-

Platform: PS4

Issue: i have done all 4 FNIX Rising side missions and still shows 3/4.

Specifications: I completed FNIX Rising DLC with a friend when it first came out and bearly noticed this issue today. I was Host when we completed the DLC. Thank you

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@Paz_paradox22 you do realize that Tier 4 of “Tug of War” needs to have side missions completed, not main missions, right?


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Oh i see im missing Energy Independence. Ill go look for it and ill let you know. Thanks!