Tier 5 weapon with all tier 5 mods


I’m trying to equip a tier 5 weapon with all tier 5 mods. I am barely finding any tier 5 mods, does anybody have a strategy for easy mods?


I was only able to find my first 2 golden weapons like 2 days ago.
You are totally right thow. Haven’t seen any golden mod sofar.
Maybe you could revisit some of the best loot places that have a golden weapon?
Maybe some of the in-game crate mods skill up when you have a class 5 weapon.
I suggest you stay, and look, up in the high north as it would logically be the last
area to discover when playing the game. Hope this works.


Does somebody know what the 5th mod slot is? Can’t find that one anywhere

Nvm solved it


Hi, I found a silencer in gold

I have
T5 kal.50 sniper
T5 m4
T5 Pistol (klaucke 17)
T5 Rocked luncher


I think I know what you mean that’s the mag extension


Yes, figured it out thanks anyway :slight_smile:


Try the FOA facility up north. It is a little south of hermelin bunker. Me and my mates found a ton of 5 star attachments there the other night . Even found 5 star parts on overby airfiled, tho not common there