Tier 6 weapons for DLC Weapons

Hey guys, this thought has been in the back of my mind for the absolute longest time. Why do we not have tier 6 weapons for any of the DLC weapons. Once you get the tier 6 base game weapons, there really is no point in buying/using the DLC weapons once you get tier 6 base game weapons. I would love to see this added at some point in the future.

The Tier 6 weapons are already a DLC that is free. It is part of the Experimental weapons and rivals DLC. But rumor has it we will be getting a few more experimental weapons soon.

I think the discussion is about the two US, one Soviet and resistance weapons DLC’s and not the weapon options available in the base game.


Instead of experimental weapons they could maybe give an experimental attachment slot to the base 5c weapons.

There could be attachments for each weapon or weapon type. With them you could turn every weapon to an experimental one and this could also upgrade the dlc-weapons.

Would be a good solution, because a dlc with experimental versions of the already existing dlc weapons wouldn’t make much sense. Much money maybe, but not much sense.

And I don’t think that there will ever be an upgrade for the already existing and sold dlcs.

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The tier 6 weapons are a DLC… just a free DLC, not part of the base game. US and Soviet DLC only go to tier 5 but you BUY tier 3 weapons, but then have access up to tier 5 weapons. So, in theory, US and/or Soviet experimental weapons would also be a separate DLC. And along the same logic, they would be a paid DLC add on to the original DLC add-ons. Want more, spend more logic.

I get that, but I was more referring to being able to get tier 6 weapons from the US, Russian, and Resistance weapons DLCs. They should not be DLC for the game since those of us who already paid for those DLCs would be taken advantage of and it doesn’t make sense to sell tier 6 DLC weapons as an additional DLC. It should be an update to the original DLCs. The tier 5 DLC weapons are fun to use before you reach tier 6 weapons, but serve no other useful purpose afterwards. I’m not doing this to bash the devs. I love Generation Zero for what the game is and this is more of a suggestion than a request. I would love to see how creative they get with tier 6 variants of these weapons if they decide to look into this.

The Experimentals weapons are not a DLC in the way you think they are.

They are included in the base game (at least on Steam) whether you actually have the “DLC” owned and downloaded or not. The team just decided to add a a free DLC item for this already included mechanic.

Either way it is not like it matters.“DLC that is free” is just an optional free update anyways. Except for in this case the update is already in the game when you buy it.

Same goes for crafting and bicycles, both of those have DLC pages but are base game mechanics.